No Doubters


 Praise the Lord! For all who fear God and trust in him are blessed beyond expression

~Psalm 112:1, TLB


Men misinterpret God’s goodness as if He were condoning our sin. He is not pleased with our sin and His goodness is to lead us to repentance.

~H.A. Ironside

I usually get my blogs and messages from my bible reading but occasionally, God speaks and then I find the scripture to support what I have heard. There was a death in Mother’s family that prompted me to do some thinking early this morning. On the way to the office, some things just popped into my mind. I call them “no doubters.” It’s like a 550 foot home run, at the crack of the bat, you know it is gone. It’s not like a fan reached over the wall to help it get out of the playing field. It is a no doubter! I have four no doubters to share with you before you start your day.

Number one: GOD IS GOOD always. Like the Psalmist, I am blessed beyond expression. What a joy, what a privilege it is to preach the gospel of Christ. My passion for preaching is greater than ever and although physically I cannot do what I once could, I rejoice in the fact that I can still preach which is what I want to do most. Secondly: LIFE IS SHORT. I will be 17 in a little over a week. Unbelievable! Joe is 64, Johnny 63 and old Gregg is 66 and I am 17 or 71 to be exact. Which decade passed most rapidly? I don’t know. I was not in my 50’s very long but I think the 60’s went even faster. There is no doubt that life is short, like a passing cloud or a morning fog: here for a minute and then gone. Third: EVIL IS REAL. You need absolutely no faith to see that evil is present in this world. Black Lives Matter is a prime example. What a joke–black lives matter. This group doesn’t give a rip about the lives of black people; they are Marxist and they are bent on revolution and bloodshed. If they really cared about black lives they would be working to stop abortion but they don’t care about black lives, they are into black lies. The fourth “no doubter” is: SIN HAS CONSEQUENCES. You don’t have to be a bible scholar to figure it out: gambling is a disease that will destroy a person or a community. Drugs are addictive and destructive. Alcohol, the number one drug in America, will destroy a life, a family, a community and a nation. Bad choices produce bad consequences: it is as simple as ABC.

Monday, Monday: so much to do and where do I start. It is good to be semi-retired. If I don’t get to it today, it will probably be there tomorrow. Have a great day!

One of my PRAYER PARTNERS texted me this verse earlier today: Psalm 119:2, Happy are all who search for God and always do his will.

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