Not Necessarily


This is what I have observed: those who plough mischief and sow trouble reap no other harvest.

~Job 4:8, REB


The world is not a machine that you can control with good moral conduct.

~Timothy Keller

Job 4:8 is a statement by Eliphaz, one of Job’s four self-righteous friends. It is always great to have a Pharisee around to point out all your mistakes to give you all the answers. All four of Job’s friends were full of it. Like Elihu, Eliphaz is wrong. Although the law of retribution is woven into the fabric of the universe, we don’t always reap what we sow, at least not in kind. If you have this moralistic and self-righteous view, you will think that everything good is earned. You will have no concept of GRACE. You will think something like this...I go to church every Sunday and I tithe, I am blessed because I have earned it and I am also proud of my accomplishment. There is a Latin word for this kind of thinking: “bologna.” Ready for some truth:

[1] You need to know and remember that you deserve hell; nothing more and nothing less. A part from Christ, you would be condemned to an eternal separation from all that is good. Do not forget this, it will help you have a better attitude toward others.

[2] God can use suffering to correct us in our attitudes and actions but this is not a hard fast rule. He can use suffering to discipline us but suffering is not always a sign that God is punishing us for something we did wrong.

[3] More than any other thing, God uses suffering to sanctify us and make us like Jesus.

[4] Everything that we experience that is better than hell is HIS grace and mercy.

Job’s friends did not understand grace. People who do not understand grace make horrible friends and counselors. You don’t want them around when trouble strikes but often times, they are the first responders. They are void of compassion and full of themselves.

What is this, day seven of the Coronavirus panic? I really don’t know because I don’t know exactly when it started; matter of fact there is a lot I don’t know and even more that I don’t understand but one thing is certain: God has not changed and He is in absolute control. Every time I think it cannot get worse, it gets worse. June told me last night that the CDC wants to limit all public gathering to 50 or less, this will make it hard on churches and many are closing their doors which makes me sad. We are going to meet Wednesday night at GRACE POINT and make some kind of decision. The president suggested yesterday that we limit our group gatherings to ten. I respect him but it is a suggestion. I don’t know what we are going to do but I want someone to preach to and someone to fellowship with. By the time you read this, they will have made another suggestion I am sure. Someone told me yesterday that there were four cases at Decatur General. Truth: there were four tested–no confirmed cases. May the LORD’s will be done and may Jesus get glory.

Pray for Lou Hayes and Dian Penney: they have had a tough week so lift them up in prayer. Also pray for Ray Edwards. He nor Lou are doing well.

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