Pilgrims Pike


And a causeway will appear there; it will be called the WAY OF HOLINESS. No one unclean will pass along it; it will become a pilgrim’s way, and no fool will trespass on it.

~Isaiah 35:8, REB


No matter what your question is: Jesus is the answer.


What should we call this highway that Isaiah is describing; The Divine Causeway; Holiness Way, or Pilgrims Pike? It doesn’t matter which of the three you prefer, Isaiah is talking about Jesus who is the WAY. Jesus is the way to holiness, the way to salvation, the way to peace, and the way to the perfect presence of God the Father. Of course Isaiah is speaking first of all to the exiles and he is speaking of a way back to Zion. His promise is that a WAY will be provided but not all will take the way. There is no toll to get on this highway; Jesus paid that for us but there is something we must do to enter this WAY and that is humble ourselves and repent. God requires nothing more and nothing less. The arrogant and proud will never enter this WAY. They are convinced in their hearts that they have a better way.

Have a great day and a great week. If my math is right, this is Day 4 of the shut-down. Josh texted me last night and said we had 328 who watched the broadcast. Grace Point, we may need to consider buying a camera and going live? I’ve been the hold up: I fear my political incorrectness. I am willing to pray about it. I’ll tell you one thing for sure: thank the LORD for sending Josh Melson to Grace Point.

[A little Poem I edited]

Christ is waiting like a Bridegroom for just the perfect time, Still His promise, “I will return,” rings clearly like a chime. Yet that chime is growing louder as the hour draws closer still, When the King in all His glory, with His presence the earth shall fill.

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