Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

~1 Timothy 2:8, NIV


PRAYER…the world’s greatest wireless connection.

~Image Quotes

From time to time I come across something that is too good for me to mess with. I have a deep urge to edit practically everything I read but this paragraph comes from Robert G. Lee, not to be mistaken with Robert E. Lee; both by the way were Christian gentlemen. I did add a few thoughts…couldn’t help my self.

You can pray for any need–for length of life like Hezekiah, for discernment like Daniel or mercy as did David. You can pray for rain like Elijah or for a son like Hannah or for grace like Paul. You can pray from anywhere, from the belly of a whale like Jonah or the bottom of a well like Jeremiah. You can pray on the beach like Peter or from you bed like Hezekiah. You can pray from the mountain top like Jesus or from the wilderness like Hagar. You can pray on the street like Jairus or from a cave like David. You can even pray while you are dying like the repentant thief on the cross.

You can pray long prayers like Moses and Solomon or you can pray short prayers like the Publican and Peter. You can pray aloud like Elijah or you can pray silently like Nehemiah. You can pray in tears like Mary Magdalene or in groans like Paul. You can even pray in a song like David. You can pray anytime, first thing in the morning as David was prone to do, or morning noon and night as was Daniel’s habit. You can pray all night as Jesus did more than once. Children can pray like Samuel; old men can pray like Simeon. You can pray when you are in trouble, when you are sick, when you need guidance and when you are dying. Jesus prayed as He died.

The point is: there is no excuse: YOU CAN PRAY.

I called Cracker Barrel yesterday. They didn’t answer at first but they will call you back. The corporate number is 800-333-9566. It is vital that you call. The woman I talked to told me that they put the suggestion out and are waiting for feedback. So call them and tell them you don’t want alcohol served in CB restaurants. Don’t put it off, call them now and then put this number on your FB page and urge others to call. We have lost every battle lately and we don’t need to lose this one. Conservatives have two weaknesses: [1] they are too independent to get organized [2] and too hesitant to voice their opinion. The homosexuals make up less then 7% of the population and yet our entire culture caters to them. It is because they are organized and vocal–we are not. If you sit on your but, CB will go wet. Call them, they are not going to be ugly to you. Tell them you want CB to remain a family restaurant and not become a bar. As Big Mama says, “Who is their right mind wants beer with pinto beans and corn break?” Well, an alcoholic would but is that the atmosphere you want for your family? We don’t have much time, call them today. Urge your friends to call them. They’ve already taken Yosemite Sam’s guns and if you don’t get off your lazy keester, they are going to take every thing that we hold sacred. Call them right now. Then after you call, do a FB post encouraging others.

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