Go ahead and make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps.
~Proverbs 16:1, TPT


No one can fulfill their plans without God’s help.

~Chuck Swindoll

It is not a sin to plan or to think ahead, the sin is to presume that we can accomplish our plans a part from God’s grace. Actually, it is wise to plan and foolish not to plan. Those who plan nothing do exactly that, nothing! I have seen plans come to fruition, but it was by the grace of God. I am not discouraging planning, but I am raising a flag of caution: make sure God is in your plans, otherwise, it is an act of rebellion. The rich farmer in Luke 12 made plans but he didn’t include God. James said, Don’t say, “Today or tomorrow we’ll go to another city and spend some time and go into business and make a profit! You don’t have a clue what tomorrow may bring. Instead you should say, Our tomorrows are in the Lord’s hands and if He is willing we will do such and such. Don’t reveal your ignorance by boasting about what you are going to do, for to be presumptuous about what you’ll do tomorrow is evil!” {JEV}

There is something to will power. Men do incredible things once they set their will to do them. Daniel made up his mind not defile himself and he didn’t. As powerful as the human will is, it is not omnipotent. Our heavenly Father is omnipotent and He can establish or destroy our plans. Ultimately, our plans depend on Him. So before making your plans consider these things: Are your plans in line with His will? What is motivating you? Can you commit your plans to Him? I had a man tell me some thirty years ago that what I was attempting to do was impossible. His exact words, “Preacher, you are trying to pour water up hill.” Believe it or not I didn’t say anything; I just turned and walked away mumbling under my breath, “You don’t know my God.” What he said was impossible happened, but it happened in such a way that I could take no credit for it. I did commit it to the LORD in prayer, but that is all I did. The moment it happened, I knew it was a God thing and I praised Him for hearing my prayer.


We had a day without rain and I got most of the dreaded weed eating finished. Had to tie up a few tomatoes but otherwise did not get in to the garden which was still a mud hole. About half or at least a third of our herd is at the beach and I am heart broken that they did not invite me.

WORK DAY tomorrow at the POINT…8:00-3:00–Lunch menu hint, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and slaw with maybe a biscuit or two.


I thought I was going to have some real goodies to share but my research was not as productive as I had hoped. Augustine {City Of God} says the flesh of the Peacocks does not decay. I don’t think this can be confirmed by modern science, not that I am a fan of modern science, but the Peacock flesh is extremely hard and it does decay much slower than normal flesh. Augustine said he had put it to the test for a month, and there was some shriveling but no decay. I had never thought about it but the Peacock in a popular symbol in Catholic art. One thing lead to another and I did find five interesting things about the Peacock.

  1. They hate snakes and will attack them on sight and then eat them. This means I like Peacocks.
  2. Although they can fly and roost in trees, they build their nest on the ground.
  3. Every year, just before mating season, the male Peacock sheds all his tail feathers.
  4. Peacocks can not swim.
  5. Peacocks love to play games. They especially love to play chase.

By the way, chicken do not swim either, at least not for long. Water fowl like ducks have an oil secreting gland that keeps their feathers water proof. Once the feathers of a chicken get wet, they drown.

Augustine was right about lime: it is made by the process of fire. He also says that fire, intense heat, can turn stones white, while it turns wood black. Orange fire turning stone white and wood black. Rather amazing don’t you think?

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