Proverbial Synonyms


“How long, you simpletons, will you insist on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools hate knowledge?”

~Proverbs 1:22, NLT


Fame {Hollywood} is proof that people are gullible.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Proverbs uses more than one synonym to describe a foolish person and two of those synonyms are found in 1:22: the simpleton and the mocker. A Mocker may have high aptitude but they have bad attitudes. In their excessive pride, they turn everything into a joke, they refuse instruction and they debunk true insight and wisdom with excessive ridicule. They are smug in their conceit and often appear to be worldly wise and sophisticated. The Simpleton, on the other hand, is a fool is a different way. The simpleton is naive and gullible: they are dupes who are over impressed with the dramatic and the spectacular. Their excessive need for approval really makes them easy to mislead. They are attracted to forceful personalities who give them emotional support; basically tell them what they want to hear. They are intellectually lazy and refuse to think for themselves. Simpletons can change but it is rare. The fact that a person is highly educated, sophisticated or wealthy does not exclude them from the society of the simpletons.

The word I use to describe these lazy unthinking individuals is dupe. A dupe is a victim of deception, someone who is easy to fool because they believe anything without giving it proper analysis. Years ago a scam came out of Texas or at least had that appearance. According to the information: several people in Danville were heirs to fortune in oil money in Texas. All they had to do to get this inheritance was retain one of several lawyers that were listed. For a small retainer, in advance, they would look into your family tree and see if your were a rightful heir. Two of our senior adults fell for it and sent in the retainer. Of course, step two was another retainer but this time it was a $1,000 instead of $250. One of the two decided not to pursue it but the other sent in the $1,000 with me telling her all along it was a scam. Both were victims or dupes. They were easily deceived because someone was telling them what they wanted to hear. I loved them both but ironically, both were dyed in the wool democrats and one of them had an 8X10 of Bill Clinton on her living room wall. Sorry folks, if you idolize Bill Clinton, you are a dupe.

Have you ever wondered where that road to the left, just before you go up Lacon Mountain on highway 31 leads…Let me tell you…back to Cold Springs. What if you take the first right going up the mountain {after you have turned off 31, I think it is Ed Drake Road or something}. You will go to Vinemont but not the one on Highway 31. Evidently, the little village of Vinemont is on the East side of the railroad tracks; its the school that is on the West side by 31. I did not know that but now I do. By the way, it is not a short cut by any stretch of the imagination.

I have a prediction about tonight’s game: I got a tip from Brady; THE TIGERS ARE GOING TO WIN!

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