Pure Grace


Isn’t everything you have and everything you are sheer gifts from God? 

~I Corinthians 4:7, MSG


God’s way is not a matter of mere talk; it’s a life empowered for service.

~Paul of Tarsus {MSG}

The Corinthians are acting immaturely. Matter of fact Paul said they act like babies at the breast, grabbing for what they want and screaming if they don’t get it. The church at Corinth was divided and there was competition for places of leadership. In other words, they were in a turf war. They were overly concerned about being important. Corinth had too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. No one wanted to do menial acts of service. They all wanted to be stockholders and power brokers. Have you ever noticed: the folks who want to make the decision are never present when it comes to serving. I learned years ago that you cannot allow these power brokers who are standing outside looking in to make the decisions of a ministry that they are not even involved in. VBS personnel make VBS decisions. Sunday School Teachers make SS decisions. You can’t have a nursery, VBS, Sunday School, etc. without workers or servants who actually do the ministry. Talk doesn’t get the job done. So Corinth had all these folks fighting for rank and recognition instead of being servants.

In Paul’s admonishment to them in regards to this problem: he asked them a very thought provoking question: “What do you have that you did not receive?” This verse has always been in the bible but I didn’t discover it until some 25 years ago. Think about it, everything is a gift. Life begins with a gift, your mother gave you birth. We all know these folks who claim to be self-made and you have heard them say, “No one ever gave me anything: I have worked for everything I have.” First of all, they are being dishonest. I heard a man say this very thing some years ago and I knew for a fact that he had things that were given to him because I knew the folks who did the giving. It is a prideful statement and a gross misunderstanding of grace. Everything is a gift! Your health, your intellect, your abilities, freedom, life and on and on. Give God the glory and be thankful. If good gift comes from Him.

In Martin Luther’s commentary on Romans; he list five stages of man’s perversion and the first is INGRATITUDE. Be thankful for what you have and be thankful to God who gave it to you.

Folks I did enjoy yesterday. I had a good day at a slow pace which is more suiting for a 70 year old. Thank You Jesus for a great day.

If you are curious about all five stages that Luther mentions concerning man’s depravity: they are [1] Ingratitude [2] Vanity {self-seeking} [3] Spiritual Blindness [4] Idolatry [5] Unrestrained Self-indulgence. All five are found in Romans 1:18-32.

Visitation for Lisa and the girls tonight 5:00-7:00 at Peck’s. Steve’s COLS tomorrow at 1:30 at Peck. I had a great visit with Mrs. Edith Long yesterday evening. She has suffered a lot with Marla’s departure and now Steve’s passing. She has a good spirit and it got transferred to her children.

Lord willing, I will be going to Athens later in the day. My good friend Jimmy called and he has me some more Round Up Ready seed corn {sweet}. If you are curious; RR Sweet Corn is $110.00 per pound. I am not kidding.

You knew it was coming: we need a rain at 1120 Iron Man. My weather woman missed it completely. She’s usually right {she and James Spann} but they missed it this time. We got a few sprinkles. Maybe we will get some today but I don’t see it on the radar.

Have a great day and pray for Lisa and the girls.

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