Putting God To The Test


But they continued to sin against him, rebelling in the wilderness against the Most High. They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.

~Psalm 78:17-18, NIV


Putting God to the test is one of the essential impulses of the human heart.

~Timothy Keller

I don’t know about you but the quote above disturbed my mind. We all know that those sorry, despicable, bull headed Israelites put God to the test repeatedly, but would you or I do such a thing? Sometimes we think of the Israelites the way we think of Jonah {Surely Lord, I’m not as bad}. Usually I do my reading and then I pray but when I read Psalm 78:17-18, I had to lay everything down and pray right that moment. The reason: I was convicted of my own unbelief. How many times have I ask the Lord for something while having no faith or confidence that He would do what I ask. My mind is asking because it is the right thing to do but my heart does not believe that God will answer. Is this not a form of tempting God?

Tracey B and Lilly are really on my heart but cancer is an intimidating foe. I ask for their healing daily but do I ask in faith? Obviously, I do not have 100% faith with 0% doubt, no one does. If I had perfect faith I could literally move a mountain and I haven’t moved any mountains lately. I can’t help but notice, that no one else is moving them either. Jesus had perfect faith–He had no doubt. So does God expect more of us than we can possibly give? I don’t think so but we must not develop a bad attitude like the Israelites who basically said to God, “What have you done for me lately?”

Moses and the prophets always went back to the Exodus, the miracle at the Red Sea and the glory cloud that lead them through the wilderness. I hate to confess this but a week or so ago, I was praying and I said to the LORD; “We don’t have an Exodus, Red Sea or Glory Cloud to go back to,” within an instant, the gentle voice said, “No you don’t; you have something infinitely better–it a cross and a resurrection.” I felt about an inch high. My point is this: sometimes we get so concerned about what God is not doing that we forget about what He has already done. Because of Calvary, cancer is not the end and neither is death. The world thinks death is the final sleep; but it is in reality, the final awakening.

PTL for a great 4th of July. Big Mama and I took a day trip to the Shoals. We had a wonderful day. Then Ryder Ace and Chloe Elizabeth put on a fire works show for me and Big Mama. We heard fireworks going off all over the community. It sounded like a war. We got a shower that lasted close to an hour. I am guessing two tenths. We don’t have mud or standing water but we got enough to help the grass and weeds and the okra and squash. Every little bit counts.

Do you realize that we are in the second semester of 2019: its unbelievable actually. Its just 173 days until Christmas and only 56 until the Chick-Fil-A kickoff classic. The bad news: it is only 30 days until school starts. Elect me as Governor and I’ll put a stop to this year round school. It should be against the law for school to meet after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. We should stay on Daylights Saving Time year around and start school at 9:00 am instead of 8:00.

I continue to oppose the legalization of Marijuana. The Auburn play by play man and his wife were killed by a kid on marijuana and he was doing 30 MPH over the speed limit. His lawyer says that no crime was committed: Really, have they already legalized marijuana? Get ready for more of this tragic news if they legalize this deadly drug. It is apparent that lawmakers do not know what they are doing.

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