Revival And Rain


He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.

~Psalm 147:8, NIV


Power belongs to God.

~David, King of Israel

What does REVIVAL and RAIN have in common? Only God can produce them. I can’t make it rain and I cannot produce revival. I don’t have a sermon; no preacher has a sermon that will produce revival. I can pray for one and long for one but I can’t produce one. The same can be said about rain: I can pray for rain and long for rain but I can’t make it rain. I am not complaining about the drought or the heat: I could move to Alaska where it 70 degrees on a warm day but I prefer Alabama and here we must take the good with the bad. Is it wrong for me to think about rain or to long for rain? I don’t think so; just as long as I don’t complain. It is certainly not wrong to think about REVIVAL or to long for one.

The LORD said through Isaiah the prophet: “Israel you are a sinful nation loaded down with guilt. You are wicked and corrupt and you have turned from the LORD, the Holy One of Israel. Why be punished more? Why don’t you give up your sin? You are as sinful as Sodom and you don’t try to hide it. You are in for trouble and you brought it all on yourselves.” Why did the Jews refuse to repent? Israel would have been the USA of the world times ten had they obeyed God. They would have been the greatest nation on earth had they been willing to turn form their sins. I do understand that God by His grace will make them great again. I also understand that we are not learning from their mistakes. The USA is becoming as sinful as Sodom. There was a gay pride march in Huntsville last Saturday. Thank God no one was there to watch them but just seeing these fools flaunt their sin vexed my spirit. No God fearing person would take pride in being gay. Folks we need REVIVAL in America and REVIVAL in our churches. Right now, the need for REVIVAL is greater than our need for rain. Michael W. Smith sings a chorus “Let It Rain,” and he is talking about spiritual rain, a rain of fire that would purify the church. LET IT RAIN LORD, LET IT RAIN.

Normally I blog when we are on the road but this time we had grands with us and I had no quiet place to go to so I didn’t even make an attempt. We had a great VBS at Grace Point. We finished last Wednesday night and then loaded up and left from church headed for Pigeon Forge. We had a very good trip. Traffic is always bad in Chattanooga but we went through Knoxville at midnight and the traffic was light. We had a good time at Dollywood. Ryder road everything there twice or three times. He road the Lightening Rod four times. I road it twice, my first and last time. The ride should be outlawed. I will not watch any of my grand kids ride this ride. I don’t even want them to tell me about it. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got home and have not recovered yet.

Yesterday {Sunday} was a marathon: we preached at Grace Point in the a.m. then Mrs. Margaret Neil Browns COLS at 2:00 and then DBC last night. We got a little carried away and departed from our notes at DBC but we got them out of time. Preaching is fun when you have a message.

Please continue to PRAY for Lilly Graham, Bob Cook, Jennifer Brown and J. Harold Mashburn. Harold is being move to Health South Rehab today.

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