He REVIVES life in me.

~Psalms 23:3, Moffatt


Like a watch, the human spirit can run down. We lose our enthusiasm; we become less willing to attempt the difficult. We are crusaders no longer.

~Charles L. Allen

Baptist are about the only ones I know that believe in carnal Christianity and some that claim to be Baptist today don’t believe in carnal Christianity. According to Paul, Peter and Barnabas had a carnal moment at Antioch. According to Luke, Paul had some carnal moments himself. Spirit filled people do not argue or insist on having their way: Paul did both in the dispute over Mark. It seems rather obvious to me that even the best of us can get out of fellowship with God. Call it sin, call it back sliding, call it whatever; the truth is we need a repentant attitude. I am not going to lie, I need a good revival. I’m not talking about a series of services, I am talking about REVIVAL. My soul need stirring. I am passionate about bible reading, prayer, preaching and I love ministry but I am a horrible witness. My passion or concern for the lost may be at an all time low and I don’t understand it…. so–Yes, indeed, I need a REVIVAL.

Not only do I need REVIVAL, our churches need REVIVAL. Half-hearted praise, empty seats and no-show prayer meetings are proof. We have too many chiefs and not enough Indians: everyone wants to serve in an advisory capacity: folks we don’t need advice, we need labors in the harvest. You can’t even get nursery and children’s workers anymore. Instead of serving, we want to be served. Jesus said, “Even the Son of man came to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”

Not only do I need REVIVAL and the church need REVIVAL but AMERICA needs REVIVAL. The only sin in this politically correct age is to call sin a sin. We no longer confess sin in America, we flaunt it. We are proud of our rebellion and self-determination. Our great REPUBLIC is in jeopardy. The democrats and career politicians are destroying the very constitution they took an oath to uphold. Washington D.C. is sated with parasites and politicians but devoid of statesman. Trump is trying desperately to keep his promise and pull the pug on this infested swamp but he is getting no help. I am telling you folks, we must pray for his protection. Demons and democrats never rest, they are relentless: they are on this man every day and they will win this battle unless the LORD intervenes. I pray everyday for their hatred to come back on their on heads. I hope they get caught in the very trap they are setting for president Trump. They are motivated by hate and filled with lies and we know the source of both.

How many runs would give you a comfortable in the 9th? If you are the Cleveland Indians, it would be at least a dozen. Their bull pen has given up 4 HR’s and 9 total runs in the last two nights and both after the 7th inning.

Some of you Alabama fans may remember this shot…

Left To Right: Kenny Hill Offensive but not Coordinator, Kiffin and Saban

You win a grand tour of the EASTERN GATE HEADQUARTERS if you can identify these three [below] and it is no Moe, Larry and Curly.

Below is DANIEL MOORE’S latest release called…WAIT JUST A D___ MINUTE

Are you kidding me!

Now you know how bad I need REVIVAL. I will not tell you where I got the photos but I laughed so hard my head is hurting. I should have spelled that D word out: it should read “Wait Just A Darn Minute.” Just wanted to clear that up! What would the feminist do if they knew about Kenny? Would’t it be great to put him and Pelosi in the same room for a day! Pelosi would probably come out wanting a gender change.



Timothy Ray Keenum

Tim Keenum

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