Senseless Ones


They say, “The Lord does not see; the God of Jacob takes no notice.”

~Psalm 94:7, NIV


The wheel of God’s justice turns slow but it grinds exceedingly fine.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Man is the only creature created in God’s image and the only one who lives in rebellion against his Creator. It is not hard to see this rebellion in play today. One of the characteristics of a rebel is the lack of fear for accountability. “The LORD does not see,” they say and we will do as we please. They celebrate their wickedness; they boast of their arrogant defiance. Because sin does not produce an immediate consequence, at least not one they can see, they think there is no retribution, no judgment from a higher power. The Psalmist said, Take notice, you senseless ones among the people; you fools, when will you become wise?

Timothy Keller says, “We are all born spiritually blind and cannot see spiritual realities.” In our natural state, we are as blind to spiritual realities as a blind person to the sunset. Only Jesus can give us sight. If a man were to curse God and then be struck by lightening, it would put fear in everyone and folks would be afraid to curse God but this is not how God works. His judgment takes many forms. Take greed for example: the wealthy heap up riches while ignoring the needs of others. They live in million dollar mansions and want for nothing. Where is the judgment? The more a man loves money, the less he loves God and others. Avarice enslaves, it will rob a man of his freedom and his joy. You have never meet a happy miser because there is no such thing. We do not envy those who put their trust in wealth, we pity them: they are caught in the deceitful web of a tiny god called money. Are all rich people enslaved to their possessions? No, there are exceptions like Abraham and Job but they are rare. Wealth creates an enormous temptation and if you are like me, you don’t want any more temptation. I pray daily for the LORD to deliver me from it.

Christ sets us free from greed and avarice; enabling us to give and share what He has entrusted to us and to spend our time helping others. The greedy are cursed and don’t know it. Their focus on getting more makes them exceedingly selfish and robs them of life’s greatest joy which is giving. This is a form of judgment.

If you want to put these words to the test: observe the next fellowship time at congregational worship. The pastor says, “Stand up and greet someone in Jesus name.” Note those who don’t stand and don’t move to greet anyone. They sit arms folded and wait for someone to greet them. They even get offended when people don’t come to them. Sorry folks, that is not living, that is existing. Just take my word; all sin has consequences: it’s just that some are more subtle than others. Being selfish and miserable is a form of judgment.

I was highly impressed with Tommy Tuberville’s speech. He did say anything that I disagree with and he is a huge Trump supporter. This man has the courage to help Trump find the plug so we can drain this infested swamp filled with career politicians who wouldn’t know honest work if they run into in the hall. We have to get Tommy in and Dougie out. We need to pray for the coach: the demos will come at him with vengeance. There is no telling what lie they will come up with. Just be prepared; they will conjure up something.

I think they are giving rain for today and maybe the weekend: wouldn’t that be great!

We have not stopped praying for Lilly G. and Tracey B.

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