How can you say, “We are wise! We have the law of the LORD”? The truth is, those who teach it have used their writings to make it say what it does not really mean.

~Jeremiah 8:8, NET


All we lack is a religious genius capable uprooting outmoded religions {Christianity} and putting new ones in place.

~Joseph Goebbels

One of the men in my bible study class said something last Sunday morning that aggravated my mind and got me to thinking. Politics, generally speaking, has always been a distasteful subject. When we go to a baseball game, we don’t want to be confronted with politics. I for one am very upset with professional sports. Professional sports are big business. The Dallas Cowboys are worth 7.64 billion dollars. If we enlarge the search, the NFL is worth 91 billion dollars. We are not talking a big business the size of Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A, we are talking about a mega-Corp and with rare exception, they are in bed with the democrats who have been successful in politicizing everything including sports and entertainment. The definition or meaning of words change over time. Gay does not mean today what it meant when I was a child. Then is meant happy; now it means queer. The word democrat doesn’t mean today what it meant in 1950. There are no Harry Trumans or Jim Allens in the democratic party today. The liberals have their own dictionary and they have redefined many good words and many others are synonymous. The words democrat, liberal, secular humanist are synonyms. Example: all democrats are liberal and secular humanist. If you don’t believe me, do your own research. They all believe in CLIMATE CHANGE.  Secular humanism, as we know it today, evolved from the Renaissance {late Middle Ages} and the Enlightenment {19th century}. It is a godless philosophy that places man at the center. God is not the center; He is not the creator; He doesn’t even exist. Secular humanists believe that man is the most intelligent of all the animals and that he is the master of his own fate. Man will make himself great. Man will solve all social ills. They believe that ultimately, man will solve all mysteries and will become the master of the natural world. This is why CLIMATE CHANGE, alias Global Warming, is so important to them. These fools think they will subdue Mother Nature.

You may think that I am kidding but I assure you, I am not. I do admit that I assume too much and many of you have come to the conclusion that I am too harsh when I call them idiots, but you do not understand what they believe. They actually believe they are going to solve all of the world’s problems. Their global pipe dream will be a world of peace; all diseases will be cured and there will be not more melting of the polar caps, no more hurricanes, no more tornadoes, no more tsunamis, etc. Actually, they are not idiots, they are fools and that is verified by scripture [Psalm 14:1}. I like the Leonardo da Vinci I met in HAPPY EVERY AFTER. He was a delightful character full of life and wit but in reality, he died in despondency. Why? Because he reached the conclusion that secular humanism, to which he had devoted his life, was a myth, a dead-end street leading to destruction and despair. It has a faulty premise folks, it will not work. Man is not the answer, he is the problem and Jesus is the answer.

I dare you to write a democrat in D.C. and tell him/her that Jesus is the answer. Perhaps you are thinking, “Biden is catholic and Carter, Clinton and Gore are Baptist and even Obama is a professing Christian.” It is a facade, a veneer, a mask that covers their true identify. If they told the truth about what they really believe, they would lose at least half the dupes that follow them. They are fools who are fooling other fools. There is a reason for hurricanes and thunderstorms. Without hurricanes, North America would be a desert. Without thunder storm the nitrogen in the upper atmosphere would destroy every plant on the face of the earth. Lightening breaks the nitrogen down into levels that are helpful to the plants whereas pure nitrogen would kill them. The God who created the natural world knows what He is doing. Woe to us, if man gets such control. C.S. Lewis had the secular humanist figured out in 1943 when he wrote the ABOLITION OF MAN. The basic premise of the book, “If man could achieve the power he seeks, he would destroy himself.”

Like Lewis, I am not worried; these idiots are not going to subdue nature; they are not going to control the climate but if they could, it would be our destruction. You mark my word, if changes are not made, the democrats {secular humanist} will destroy America. Trust me, I want to be wrong, but nothing in me believes that I am but I am.


PLT for Monday. I did some poor planning for the weekend, and I was totally exhausted when I got home last night. I am like the bug who hit the windshield of a speeding car, “If I had the guts, I would do it again.” But I don’t and I’m not. I did wake up this morning with another REVIVAL SERVICE on my mind. I will say more about that later.

The LORD has blessed us with some gorgeous weather and yesterday was ideal. I did enjoy my ride over to Lexington, Alabama but if you are going that way, fill up with gas in Morgan. Gas is 20 cents a gallon higher in Lauderdale County.

I’ve had Francis Schaeffer’s book HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE in my libarary for years and felt the inclination to read it a few days ago. It is a compelling book that details the history of the reformation and the rise of secular humanism. I am a slow reader but I’m halfway through. The above blog is inspired by this book.

Hope you have a great day and a good week.

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