The Beautifier


God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power; how He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. 

~Acts 10:38, NRSV


When Adam and Eve transgressed, God’s order was disturbed and life became a burden rather than a blessing. Jesus came to restore order.


When God sent the flood, He destroyed most of creation–all except Noah and his family. When Jesus came in the incarnation, He did not destroy or recreate. He could have but He did not. He did not do away with the clay, He simply reshaped it, remolded it–the best word to describe His work is transformation. Jesus took the brokenness and He mended it. He did not reject us as misfits but patiently worked to restore us to our original state of blessedness. Since Adam, man has labored under the tyranny of sin and death. Jesus came to give us life and not just life but a full and meaningful life. Jesus came to restore order, to help us get first things first. According to Paul and Romans 8:19-22, this broken and frustrated creation will be fixed when Jesus returns. If the natural world groans for this day of redemption, how much more should we long for this day of restoration.

L.B. Cowman translated Acts 10:38…He {Jesus} went about making things beautiful. Again, He did not destroy the broken and start all over, He simply fixed what was broken and distorted. This wonderful truth refreshes my soul; it renews my energy. How grateful I am that Jesus does not discard the broken and the flawed. I have no doubt that I and others were damaged by the fall. It does take faith to believe some things but it takes no faith to believe that mankind is a fallen creature, disfigured, disturbed and distorted by the ill effects of sin. We are all sinners; we are all messed up and Jesus is the only solution. The idiotic world system, governed by the prince of darkness, believes that education is the answer…just take the fruit from the tree of knowledge and you will become like God…Yeah, right! We will do just like Adam and Eve, become more like the devil himself. Education informs, the world conforms, boot camps and prisons reform, pride performs, sin deforms but ONLY JESUS TRANSFORMS. He is the only One who can fix the broken. He had every right to toss us into the junk heap but He didn’t. He climbed the TREE OF LIFE [for us] and it became the tree of death for HIM. Wow! Should we praise Him or what! Friend, you can have this whole wide world with its wealth–JUST GIVE ME JESUS!

More rain; I am beginning to wonder if I’ll get in the garden before June. Oh well, beats a drought and I love the temps. Less than a week until the time changes and the basketball tournaments start. Every year, I say I am going to the SEC tournament and every year I put it off.

What about Tommy, he had the most votes and is in the run off. I think the coach will get practically all the Moore votes and hopefully more than half the Burns. I hope we are able to seed Washington a message.

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