The Law of The Harvest


Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

~Galatians 6:7, NASB


We always reap after we sow, what we so, more than we sow and longer than we sowed.

~Source Unknown

Our bible study lesson last Sunday was on sowing and reaping. The lesson has stayed with me throughout the week. Hosea was thinking about Israel’s sin and transgression and Paul {verse above} is talking about stewardship but the principle is applicable to both. God gave Israel the Ten Commandments which are a reflection of God’s holy character. The Lord did say in Leviticus 14, You shall be holy; for I amĀ holy. Peter also quotes this verse in the New Testament. It is true that God desires that we be holy but it is for our own good. God’s commandments are not designed to make like more difficult but to make life livable. He gave us the law because He loves us. Parents who love their children lay down guidelines or rules and if they really love their children, they enforce these rules. An unruly child at home becomes a criminal in society. We have to learn to obey the laws.

Rebellion and immorality lead to crime, violence, chaos and extreme need. The worse form of government in anarchy. We need laws to guide us and to restrain us. Our forefathers understood something that most Americans do not understand. You can not give any people the broad sweeping civil rights granted to the American people unless they are a moral people. Immoral people cannot handle freedom. The greater our morality, the more freedom we can handle: the less our morality, the less freedom we can handle. It is like a see-saw: if morality is high, restraint will be low but if morality is low, restraint will be greater. This is why perpetual law breakers end up in prison. Immoral people have to be restrained if society can exist.

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We did get a report on Jo Ann Lennox and it was not what we wanted to hear. I am no doctor and will not call it a stroke but it is nuerological and if I understand correctly, it is not reversible. Damage has been done to nerves and it has affected Jo Ann’s mobility. No one at the POINT is more full of life than Jo Ann. Let’s all pray that the report is wrong and they she will be restored.

I go to the doctor in Huntsville today. The left side of my face is larger than the right. It is like having the mumps in one jaw. Big Mama and Jackson are going with me. Big Mama wants to go by SAMS. I am not excited. I can handle Jackson here at the house. He and I mulched leaves yesterday but he hate car seats and he lets you know about it. I hate racket, traffic, and doctors appointments so what are the chances of me having a good day? Slim!

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