The Power Of His Word


The LORD heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out from the bog and the mire, and set my feet on a hard, firm path, and steadied me as I walked along. 

~Psalm 40:1-2, LB


Apart from Jesus Himself, there is no greater gift than His peace: I will take it over length of days, wealth, success or fame.


My first response to the COVID-19 was it is just the flu and we are over reacting. I was more afraid of the panic and the political fallout than the virus. My attitude changed a couple of weeks ago: suddenly it dawned on me that I had taken foolish risk and was not taking this virus as seriously as I ought. Then for a day or so last week, I could not get it off my mind; I could feel the apprehension, tension and anxiety building. I even went to bed last Friday night with it on my mind and woke up thinking about it. I had just popped off a few days before about “wanting to depart this world while I am active,” and then the reality of this thing hit me like a cold wind. Suddenly I had a desire to live a little longer. My grand kids need me I reasoned.

Last Friday I went to the office and started my devotional time, I eventually got to Psalm 40 in the Living Bible. When I got to verse two, the cloud of anxiety was lifted. This simple verse of scripture calmed by troubled heart. If there is anything I desire, it is that “steady walk” with Christ. I do not ask to be free of problems, pain or suffering but only to be filled with HIS peace. Have you noticed: every time Jesus meets with the disciples after the crucifixion, He greets them with the gift of peace. There is no greater gift: I will take it over length of days, wealth, success or fame.

There is an aside: I love my grand children and I work to create good memories for them. I have no good memories of my grand father. I never knew my grand father on the Bailey side but my mother talked about him like he was a saint. My daddy had such respect for him that he went silent while mother praised Joe David Bailey [nick name Jodie]. I wish I could have known him but that is another story. The grand daddy I knew was gruff and had no great affinity for children. I can remember two days with him; one in the field as I rode the tractor with him and I carried him to a family reunion after I got my license. We talked a little that day but I don’t remember any of the conversation. Unless I’m missing something: he never bought me a coke, hamburger or even a candy bar. He certainly never attended a ball game where I was playing–my parents didn’t even attend. I have to admit, this was not uncommon in the 50’s and 60’s. I was not the only kid who didn’t have a parent at the game. All of this conditioned me for parenthood. I was no model father; certainly not one you would want to emulate but I have tried to reset the bar on the grand daddy thing. I have always felt that grand parenthood is God gift of grace to those of us who didn’t do so great as a parent. The LORD, in His mercy, gives us a chance to redeem ourselves. Of course I will be glad with the virus thing is over but I have to admit it has given me extra time with my grand children. My problem is: I am doing to much playing and not enough teaching. I must tell you, I am a very wealthy man: I am rich, exceeding rich in grand children. I hope every single one of them grows up loving Jesus with all their heart.

Not a dramatic increase in the COVIN-19 UPDATE: Morgan County has 30 confirmed cases. State wide we have 2,006 confirmed cases and 32 deaths. We were at 28 last Friday. Around 11% of the confirmed cases end up in a hospital. I am encouraged. Don’t go to Huntsville unless you have to and certainly you need to avoid big cities. We are going to get to do DRIVE-IN WORSHIP this Sunday if they don’t change their minds. Our folks are excited about DRIVE-IN Easter worship. You have to stay in your car unless you are on stage or working security and you need to park 6 feet from nearest car. You will get the opportunity to do a drive by offering and a honk if you love Jesus. Josh and I are pumped.

We have to praise Jesus for this wonderful weather that is going to end in a few hours but it was nice and I got two rows of corn planted.

Have a great day and a great week.

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