The Prayer of Jabez


“Please bless me and give me a lot of land. Be with me so that I will be safe from harm.”

~1 Chronicles 4:10


The cost of discipline is always less than the cost of no discipline at all.

~Image Quotes

I guess most folks my age have some superstition. My grandmother was very superstitious: you didn’t walk under a ladder and it was always bad luck to see a black cat cross the road or something like that: to be honest I can’t remember all her sayings. There are countless amulets that people wear for good luck, red string bracelets, the necklace with the cross, the infamous rabbit’s foot. I’m not sure we know definitely where the rabbit’s foot originated, it is used in Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. The rabbit is associated with fertility, they reproduce rapidly and so I guess the rabbit’s foot is to make you more prosperous. I’m sure all this stuff is amusing to the younger generations but truth be know, we have some form of this practice going on today and in churches of all places.

Some years ago, a little book came out that became an over night best seller and it was called THE PRAYER OF JABEZ. Jabez was a descendant of Judah who for some reason, caused his mother a lot of pain at his birth. I’m sure all births are painful but the bigger the baby, the greater the pain. I have heard of babies weighing over 11 pounds. Of course, this in conjecture, I don’t know what caused the extreme pain for the mother. Jabez was the most respected member of his clan and one day he prayed to the God of Israel, “Please bless me, and give me a lot of land. Be with me so I will be safe from harm.Prosperity and security are basic human drives. Do you know of anyone who does not want to be safe and secure and have money in the bank. I don’t consider myself a greedy person but I wouldn’t be offended if you prayed this prayer in my behalf. Of course, I bought a book {Prayer of Jabez} and read it. I saw red flags from page one. The prayer has a self-centered tone, “Bless me, give me, be with me.” This prayer is not a rabbit’s foot. Christians are not immune to harm, poverty or trouble. We get sick just like everyone else; we die with cancer just like everyone else.

I bring this up because some put a false confidence in these prayers. A dear friend confessed to me recently, “I don’t understand Bro. Jack, we were praying the prayer every night and then out of nowhere tragedy struck.” I shared the truth with her: God mysteriously calls some to suffer more than others. The two best men in the bible suffered the most: Job in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament. My friend Carl cannot walk due to an accident: one of the health and wealth nuts told him that if he had enough faith he could get up and walk. I wish I had been there to advocate for Carl. The Apostle Paul healed others but he could not heal himself. He asks God three times to heal him and each time God said no! Why did God say no? It wasn’t due to Paul’s lack of faith; it was due to God’e redemptive plan. God told Paul {JEV}, “No, I will not take the infirmity away because I plan to use you in a big way and to do that, I need you to be humble. I have chosen to leave the thorn in your flesh to be a constant reminder of your need for me. If I were to remove it, you would exalt yourself above measure, more than you would exalt my Son.” So, we know why God did not heal Paul: Do I know why he didn’t heal my friends who died with cancer? No, I don’t. I know about Paul because God revealed the truth in his word but God has a plan for every believer. He never does anything randomly: there is always a reason and most of the time that reason is a mystery.

ST. LOUIS – Planned Parenthood says Missouri’s only abortion clinic could be closed by the end of the week because the state is threatening to not renew its license.

Planned Parenthood officials said in a teleconference Tuesday that the current license for the St. Louis facility expires Friday. If not renewed, the organization says Missouri would become the first state without a functioning abortion clinic since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Bro. Jack says PRAISE THE LORD. I have been praying daily for God to take down the evil house of abortion, plank by plank until nothing is standing.

This Sunday June 2 is the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER for our President.

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