The State Of Consternation


So I came to the exiles at Telabib who were settled by the river Kebar. For seven days I stayed there among them in a state of consternation.

~Ezekiel 3:15, REB


The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

~Donald Kendall

I’m currently reading Ezekiel {a hard read for me} in the Revised English Bible. It was produced by the Oxford Press in 1970 so it is not that old but they use English words that American’s do not use that often. I thought I knew what ‘consternation’ was but I looked it up just to make sure. It is a state of dismay, shock, and anxiety caused by unexpected changes. The exiles are in a state of consternation because they cannot believe that God allowed the Babylonians {rank heathens} to destroy the temple, Jerusalem and take Israel into captivity. All of this seemed so surreal, like a bad dream.

Sometimes I wonder if we are living in the STATE OF CONSTERNATION. I never dreamed that in my lifetime there would even be a discussion about the sanctity of marriage and the family. Same sex marriage is so bizarre and off the board, I never dreamed it would become the law of the land. One year ago, if you had told me that education and sports would be shut down completely for three months [maybe longer] I would have laughed in your face. Not only were they shut-down, there was little or no protest. So if I told you I was not a little anxious about the present crisis I would be untruthful. My anxiety is not about the virus; it is about government interference into our daily lives. It’s about their gross mismanagement of our resources. It is hard to admire the $2 trillion bill Congress recently passed to address this problem. Critics have made much of the fact that it included $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. If we are in a crisis, why are we playing political games? There should have been no pork in the bill. It is just another indication of how insensitive Washington is to the overburdened tax payer.

I am not going to lie, I have worried from the get go about a conspiracy to undermine President Trumps bid for reelection. The left knows that unless the economy collapses, he is a shun-in. Every bureaucratic institution in Washington is filled with liberals and parasites. Actually that should be one word and the department of health is no exception. If the CDC had been during their job instead of getting involved in politics, the crisis could have been prevented. We get more than 50% of our pharmaceutical drugs from China. Most of the mask are made in China. We were not prepared for a pandemic simply because the health organizations have not being doing their jobs. I’m sorry folks but I cannot trust the bureaucrats, politicians or the media.

Larry P. Arnn had some interesting comment in the last issue of the IMPRIMIS…Going forward, our best leaders will eschew political gamesmanship and work to control our borders, fix our public health agencies, and end our dependence on China and other foreign countries for goods that are essential to our national health and security. We must prepare ourselves to face the next pandemic without surrendering our way of life. President Trump will try to fix this problem; let’s pray for his success.

To read more about in ineptness of the CDC, go to

Hopefully some warmer weather this week. It is not that I mind cool weather, it is very pleasant but nothing in my garden is growing. My tomatoes are pathetic and I can’t even get corn out of the ground.

We had another great day doing DRIVE-IN CHURCH. I have to admit, I love it! We are going inside this Wednesday night and will make our final decision about next Sunday after we see what happens Wednesday night. We are not canceling VBS. We have a plan in place that will enable us to do most of it outside. We haven’t changed the date yet but we may be forced to move it to later in June but VBS is on.

I hope you have a great day and a great week!

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