The Way


I AM the way.

~John 14:6, AV {any version}


The only hope for this nation and for the world is Jesus Christ.

~Franklin Graham

There is a small village in Switzerland, a Gatlinburg type town, nestled in the Alps. The name of this scenic hamlet is Kandersteg because it is located on the Kander river. A traveler was in route to Kandersteg and after hours of travel, he began having doubts as to whether or not he was headed in the right direction. He saw a small boy playing by the road so he stopped and asked: “where is Kandersteg?” The lad replied, “I don’t know where Kandersteg is, I’ve never been there but I do know, this is the road that leads to Kandersteg.” I’ve never been to heaven, so I do not know what it is like but I know Jesus is the WAY.

I was saved at age 9 and as I child, I didn’t understand much. I knew I was a sinner; I just didn’t understand the depth of my depravity. I knew that salvation was a gift but I certainly did not understand grace. Over the years, God has revealed more of Himself to me and more of me to me. The glory of God is expanding and my depravity is becoming more and more obvious. My love and appreciation for the word of God and the cross of Christ are growing daily. I am absolutely blown away by God ingenious plan. His plan for our salvation solely rest on Jesus and Jesus alone. It is not of works: if it was, you and I would boast. It is not 99% grace and 1% works–it is pure grace. We get no credit at all–All the glory and praise go to Jesus. Three major doctrinal truths have set me free: [1] God’s love is unconditional: it cannot be earned and it will never be deserved. [2] Our salvation from start to finish is GRACE. [3] No man can live the Christian life, a part from grace.

Reminds me of a story. A certain man saw his pastor riding around in an old beat up car that was literally falling a part. He felt the LORD leading him to buy his pastor a new car and so that is exactly what he did: he paid for the car in full. This pastor is now riding in grace. He had nothing to do with the gift. He can not boast to anyone about the car because he did not pay a red cent. The car was a gift. Listen folks, God is not going to give us bragging rights. He will not allow us to pay one red cent on our salvation. The only way you and I can LIVE the CHRIST life is to die to self, be filled with the Spirit and walk by faith. You cannot live for Jesus your way or in your own strength–God has made such a thing impossible. Why? He wants all the glory to come to His only perfect Son. I for one have no problem with that arrangement. Perhaps the greatest freedom on this earth is to be liberated from vain glory and to celebrate the worthiness of Christ to receive glory, honor and praise. Our Sunday worship would be dramatically changed if we understood this truth but unfortunately, we don’t–that’s why we do not sing with all our hearts.

This is Day 27 of the COVID-Shut-down. Personally, I think we are more than halfway but of course I could be wrong. I am hoping for the best. I like drive-in church but I prefer being a little closer.

Strange weather but the sunshine feels good. Our plants are not doing well–inside or outside of the greenhouse. These cool night have slowed things down but the April green you see in the trees is the most beautiful green in the calendar year.

I am about to go on the air so pray for me. I actually go a DIGEST out yesterday. If you don’t get the DIGEST and you want a copy: text me your address today.

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