To be “Woke” or Unwoke, that is the Question


Every curse written against us in the Law of Moses has come true. Yet we have refused to seek mercy from the Lord our God by turning from our sins and recognizing his truth.

~Daniel 9:13, NLT


To be “Woke” in the modern sense means that you are aware of everyone’s sins except your own.


The NLT makes everything clear but I really like the CSB’s translation of Daniel 9:13, “Just as it was written in the law of Moses, all this disaster had come on us, yet we have not appeased the LORD our God by turning from our injustice and paying attention to Your truth.” The Hebrew word translated sin in the NLT and injustice in the CSB is the word for iniquity which you see in the AV and NASB.  It means perversity, depravity, something twisted or morally evil. Daniel was a Jew but he confessed that God judged Jerusalem because it was a city of injustice. I don’t guess Daniel was woke because he doesn’t mention “Social injustice.” He recognized injustice but only as it is related to the law of Moses {word of God}. There is only one true justice and it belongs to God, not man. This means that technically, there is no such thing as social justice. How can men determine what is just or unjust–we are hopelessly depraved. I am a sinner and I relate to Daniel’s confession. Like Paul, I don’t want to sin but I do and it is because sin is embedded in my nature.

What I do not relate to is people like David Platt and Kirk Herbstreit. Both made pathetic speeches about social injustice where they cried those crocodile tears and confessed our sin. The “Woke” crowd is really good about confessing our sin. To hear them tell it, social injustice originated in the South an has its roots in slavery. The hypocrisy of the social justice movement became apparent to me with JD Grear made the statement that “He was pro-life but…” No, no my friend, you are either pro-life or you are not and he nor his friends are pro-life and they support democratic candidates. Russel and Beth Moore are classic examples. What is the fountain of injustice today? Is it really Selma or Birmingham. Do you really thing that there are more crooks in Birmingham than there are in Washington DC. Washington DC is a den of thieves, an infested swamp, a stinky toilet and the social justice warriors are worried about Birmingham and Selma. What is just about senior adults, who don’t even own a home, paying $30,000.00 in  taxes while the social justice warriors in DC send money to drug addicts and people who will not work.

If you call yourself a Baptist or a Christian and you want to support the democratic socialist communist party, that is your right. All I ask you to do is be honest. Just tell the truth: abortion never bothered you; you like getting funny money in mail and you first concern is your survival, and you are ignorant enough to believe that the democrats are for the working man. But I have to be honest as well: if you believe the democrats are for the working man you are not very bright. The democrats are for destroying the republic {constitution}, destroying the family, destroying the influence of the church, destroying property rights {including firearms} and weakening Law Enforcement and the Military. To put it in a nutshell: it is a few powerful and very rich people who call themselves social engineers who want to rule the rest of us. When they get absolute power and I am afraid they are getting close, the dupes of the Democratic Party will be screaming the loudest. I am going to look them in the eye and say–“Shut up your whining, you voted for this.” If there are not massive changes in the fall election; we will know that we have had our last real election. Our elections will be like those in other countries: determined in advance by the ruling class.


I have to do a political rant every now and then. I did go back and soften it. The lying media is not letting up. My hope is that no one pays attention to them. I hope you have a Good Friday and a good weekend. It could be a wet one. Gregg has not posted in days so I texted Ashley and she told me things were OK but the transplant took all of Gregg’s energy.

God bless you and thanks for reading the blog.

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