Transforming Power


You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing.
You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.

~Psalms 30:11, NLT


We often pray for God to change the situation but He has allowed the situation in order to change us.


David was a warrior king. David was bold in battle. He demonstrated his courage early on and throughout his teen age years and early adulthood, he exhibited a rare courage that people admired. I don’t think there is any doubt that David’s courage was the key to his leadership ability. After his adulterous affair with Bathshebba, David lost both his health and his courage. He became deplorably weak in body and mind. Like Job, David did not lose his faith and God eventually restored his health and his courage. Through this experience, David came to realize that God was the SOURCE of his courage and his joy. David testifies in Psalm 30…”When I sinned, the LORD turned his face from me and cut off my blessings [supply of courage and joy]. Suddenly my courage was gone and I was terrified and panic-stricken.” It is hard to imagine David having a panic attack but according to his testimony, he was stricken with panic.

Theologically, I am with David, I believe Jesus is the source of my courage, strength and my joy. Sin is a projectile that gashes a huge hold in the hull of our faith. Not only does our faith begin leaking out through this hole but we also lose our courage and our joy. David discovered the only solution: repentance and confession. If we don’t allow Jesus to fix the sin problem, we will lose everything. Sin is not our friend, never has been; it may seem attractive at times but it disguises it’s true self. A thorough study of the life of David should convince any sane person to avoid his mistakes.

The good news is: GOD IS GRACIOUS and MERCIFUL. He heard David’s plea, had mercy on him and turned his sorrow into joy. David said, “He took away the clothes of mourning and gave me bright and festive garments to rejoice in…sorrow may spend the night but Joy comes in the morning.”

One of the problems with aging is forgetfulness. I came to the office early yesterday morning but didn’t do a blog. I intended to come back after lunch and forgot all about it, sorry for being tardy this morning.

We had another great day at GRACE POINT and by great I mean we enjoyed ourselves. Whereas it is not the same as regular church, it is far better than nothing. Some parts I like better than regular church. Our folks are really good at honking. I may try to talk them into bringing horns into the sanctuary. They don’t amen, don’t shout, don’t sing loud but they love to honk. Another thing: no one approaches me with a problem: everyone keeps their distance. That’s awful selfish of me to say but it is true. But of course it is not the same as the fellowship we have inside the building.

Big Mama had a good observation at breakfast this morning: she believes that some of our older widows will never go back to the way things were. Example: Golden Girls may take a big hit. She thinks that some will never dine at a sit down restaurant again. I’m not one of them, Cracker Barrel here I come.

One more thing: I feel I must Praise The LORD for the weather yesterday. It was not raining when I went to the office around 5:00 but by the time I went back to the house it was raining. People were texting about church…I said we are on…I looked at my weather apt and it didn’t look good. The rain was to move out at 10:15 and our service was at 9:15. I knew God was in control and prayed for His will to be done. So help me, when June and I backed out of the garage, the sun popped out but it was pitch black over Hartselle, by the time we got to Hartselle, the sun was shinning there and the sun went before us all the way to GP. This is two weeks in a row that God has done this and I think He deserves some praise.

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