Truly Deserving


We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”

~Luke 23:41, NIV


If Jesus did not complain when He received a life infinitely worse than He deserved; why should we complain when we received a life that is infinitely better than we deserve.

~Timothy Keller

When I get together with old friends, we tend to talk about the past and we tell stories of things that happened when we were growing up. My mother was notorious with the switch and everyone in the community knew who she used it on the most. I was telling one of my stories to a friend named Jimmy and I was making myself out to be the victim of an unjust beating when he interrupted….“Jack, you never got a whipping you didn’t deserve,” he said. He was talking about the law of averages. I may have been innocent on one or two occasions but think of how many times I pulled something off with out getting caught. Jimmy was right, I deserved every beating I got and actually more.

John Newton was also right, God’s grace in Christ is amazing and it is also grossly misunderstood. It amazes me how many professing believers keep records or points. I did this, I did that, I deserve this, I deserve that, etc. You deserve death and hell–nothing more. Obviously, people do not understand GRACE. We are not blessed because of what we have suffered: we are blessed because of what Jesus suffered. Everything above hell is a gift. No, we do not deserve life, health, wealth, family, friends, respect, hope or heaven. People who truly understand GRACE are themselves gracious, thankful, humble and deeply in love with Jesus. We understand: HE SAVED US and not just from sin, death and hell but from our miserable pathetic selves. Somehow, we don’t seem to understand that our vain glory is despicable to God. Our constant attempt to take glory from Christ and credit it to our own account is wicked and vile. The truth is: Jesus suffered what He did not deserve so we could enjoy what we do not deserve. Give HIM the glory–it will make you feel 100% better.

I challenge you to read the book of Romans in the Message. I dare you and I guarantee you—it will change your life.

What about this crazy weather. Today would be a good day for stew and it should be BBQ weather.

I am thankful for the Governor reducing restrictions: I think someone must have gotten through to her. Maybe she’s been listening to Rick and Bubba. I had already decided to go back in next Wednesday night but I think we will stay outside for at least a couple more Sundays.

I hope you have a great day and a great weekend…Stay warm!

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