Two Worlds


By faith we understand that the worlds were set in order at God’s command, so that the visible has its origin in the invisible.

~Hebrews 11:3, NET


Face reality now or one day reality will face us.


Worlds plural is found only once in the bible {NASB/NET} and it is here in Hebrews 11:3 where the two worlds are the visible and the invisible. I certainly believe in both and without question both are real. If you are a doubter, close your mouth and hold your nose for one minute: you are going to discover the invisible world is what keeps you breathing. I was reading Eugene Peterson’s introduction to the gospel of Mark and he said something interesting. He says Mark is anxious to get to the truth about Jesus because the TRUTH {Jesus} is the deciding factor in where we live–in reality or illusion. I had never thought about this: reality and illusion are two opposing worlds and no one can live in both. Either you live in reality or illusion but not both. Let me ask you a question: are you living in the real world?

If you deny the fact that you are a depraved sinner in desperate need of a Savior, you are living in the world of illusion. If you have it all together and in need of nothing or no one, you are living in the world of illusion. If everyone else has a problem and you don’t–you are not in the real world. How do you help a poor soul who is anorexic: they are fully convinced they are fat when in reality, they are skin and bones. When they look in the mirror they see fat but everyone else sees a far too skinny person on the brink of disaster. What’s going on? They are living in the land of illusion: sin has played a dirty trick on their mind. They are not facing reality. The same is true with drug addiction. Drug addicts think that money is the solution to their problem. In their twisted mind, they think, drugs cost money, I need drugs, therefore I need money. They don’t need money; they need a reality check–they are not facing the truth. Money is the last thing a drug addict needs. Drug addicts with money end up like Michael Jackson, Elvis and Lenny Bias. Two days after Bias got his signing bonus {money} from the Boston Celtics, he OD’ed on cocaine. The more money a drug addict has, the more powerful the drugs they purchase. In reality, DRUGS KILL–in the world of illusion–DRUGS is equated with life. It reality they disable; in illusion they enable. Drug addicts live for drugs but those who live for drugs, die by drugs–that my friend is REALITY.

Franklin Graham recently announced that he will be holding a series of religious gatherings in eight different cities across the United Kingdom. Sex and gender revolutionaries {the gay mafia} across the nation mounted huge protests – condemning Graham because he believes the Bible’s teachings on sex and marriage.

At least three venues have torn up contracts forcing the ministry to scramble to secure alternate locations in Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow.

“All my life I have worked hard to fight discrimination and have worked with communities; especially in my time as leader, to make sure we have an inclusive. tolerant and cohesive city that embraces diversity,” Sheffield City Council leader Julie Dore told PinkNews.

Graham was labeled a “homophobic hate preacher” by the Liverpool Labour LGBT Network, who wrote in a letter that they fear “Graham’s appearance may incite hateful mobilization and risk the security of our LGBTQ+A community.”

My comment: Bologna, the gay mafia is the hater. They don’t want the gospel preached nor the light of God’s word to shine on their perversion.

John Wydner got to come home: Bill Smith is still at HH.

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