Villains Or Victims


In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, and He lifted them and carried them all the ancient days. But they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit; Therefore He turned Himself to become their enemy; He fought against them.

~Isaiah 63:9-10, LSB


The older the world grows, the more heated the conflict between Christ and the antichrist, and the through effort of the world to get rid of Christians.

~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Oppression is one of the social justice warriors over used words. They are heavy into the victimization thing. We have people divided into two groups, saved and lost but they don’t see it that way. They divide people into two groups: the oppressed and the oppressors. They play the ‘victim’ card as well as the ‘race’ card. Unbelieving Jews are the primary sponsors of the social justice movement. This is because unbelieving Jews feel that they are victims and that Jews as a whole have been victimized but this is not what scripture teachers. The Jews have always been rebellious toward God. Listen to Moses speech in Deuteronomy 9, When Yahweh sent you from Kadesh-barnea, saying, ‘Go up and possess the land which I have given you,’ then you rebelled against the command of Yahweh your God; you did not believe Him, and you did not listen to His voiceYou have been rebellious against Yahweh from the day I knew you.” Kadesh is only one instance of their rebellion: they rebelled at the Red Sea, Mara, Sinai, etc. All the prophets understood that Israel was reaping the consequences of their rebellion–they were not victims. Listen to what Daniel had to say, All Israel has disobeyed your instruction and turned away, refusing to listen to Your voiceSo now the solemn curses and judgments written in the Law of Moses, the servant of God, have been poured down on us because of our sin.You have kept your word and done to us and our rulers exactly as you warned. [Daniel 9:11-12]

Israel is not a victim. They have never been a victim. Had they obeyed the LORD, they would have become the most prosperous nation on earth but they refused to obey Him. Jews and Gentiles alike are sinners in need of God’s redemptive grace. When you crucify the very messiah that the Father sent to save you and then say something as ignorant and arrogant as, “Let HIS blood be upon us and our children,” what do you expect? It maybe that because they were God’s chosen, that He has held them to a higher standard and a stricter judgment, I don’t know but the Jews {like the Gentiles} are reaping what they sowed and they have no right to blame others for their misfortune. We don’t have that right either. God is just. One thing is sure: we will not make progress as long as we blame others. We have to put the victim card away and take responsibility for our actions.

Let me remind you of an astounding statistic, less than 1% of Jews are believers in Jesus Christ. The believing Jews are working hard to convert their brothers but it is a difficult field to harvest. I pray almost daily for God to do a work among the Jews. I don’t think we will get the gospel to the ends of the earth without their help.


Prayer warriors: I will be speaking at a men’s event tomorrow night at Bellview Baptist {Memphis, not}. I could use some prayer. I hope you have a good day. Thanks for reading the blog.

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