Water From The Storm


The earth shook, the skies rained, and the clouds dropped water.

~Judges 5:4, NCV


When your parched souls cry out for the Living Water, seek not beneath you but look above.

~Amos R. Wells

Today’s text comes from the event in which God gave marvelous victory to Deborah and Barak in their battle against the Canaanites. The Canaanites had iron chariots {tanks} which gave them a huge advantage but Israel had the LORD who is an even greater advantage. The LORD sent a STORM of all things. He sent an earthquake and rain. The valley of Jezreel flooded and the chariots got stuck in the mud. The Israelites claimed a great victory.

I learn something new practically every day. In my reading today, I discovered where sea birds get their fresh water. These birds are thousands of miles away from land and fresh water so how do they survive. If you were in the Navy, you probably know the answer. These birds can smell water in a storm. They do not get their fresh water from below: it is contaminated with salt. They get it by flying directly into the storm clouds. They fly into the rain from above. Most people are looking down when it comes to fulfilling their needs: we need to be looking up, not down. Everything below is contaminated. The second lesson from this thought is that God works through the storms of life. The very thing we fear and dread becomes a blessing. Wow! Our God is an Awesome God!

Normally, I write the blog the day before but I took Sunday evening off and I have not recovered. I threw this one together in a bit of a rush because I have to go get Ryder from football practice. The thought came from STREAMS IN THE DESERT IV. I hope you have a great day.

Remember to pray for those battling cancer and a reminder to pray for Bill Smith who is in HH. Bill is a good man; a true gentleman. GRACE POINT family remember we meet Wednesday night at 6:30 inside. Spread the word.

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