What’s In It For Me


Try taking everything that he owns, and he will curse You to Your face.

~Job 1:11, CEV


Living for Christ does not give us immunity from suffering.


The devil accused Job of vanity. When the LORD told Satan, “What do you think about My servant Job? There is no one on earth like him–he is a truly good person who respects Me and refuses to do evil.” The Devil said, “He may be good but it is not for the right reason. He respects you for the blessings you give him. Remove all the blessings and he will curse you.” The devil was saying, “Job is in it for himself. He doesn’t love God so much as he loves the things God can give him.” Whoever wrote Psalm 73 was discouraged: they had lived a good life but it had not produced wealth or freedom from problems. Many of us are like Jacob who said, “If you will bless me LORD, I will give you one tenth of all I possess.” His obedience was not motivated by his desire to please God so much as his desire to have God please him. God knows our hearts: when we come before Him, He knows if we are attempting to get Him to serve us.

We have to reach that point where we serve God regardless: we serve HIM because we love Him. There may be nothing in it for us but suffering but we still serve for His honor and glory. God wants to eradicate all vain motives. Serving God could mean bearing a cross or suffering persecution. It may mean hardship and trials. We are not serving HIM for what we can get in return: we serve Him because He is worthy and He deserves our respect. We should reach a point where we serve Him simply because we love Him.

Sorry about being late on the post; I crashed last night. I was going to post when I got up to use the bathroom and I never got up. Have a great day. Thank you for praying for Lilly. We had 18 to respond. Thank You!

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