Why do You make me see wickedness and cause me to look on trouble?

~Habakkuk 1:3, LSB


Holy Spirit truth divine, shine upon this soul of mine. Word of God and inward light, revive my spirit, clear my sight.

~Martyn Lloyd Jones

I was reading in Habakkuk the other day and verse three in chapter one grabbed my undivided attention. I can identify with Habakkuk. Like us, he was watching a nation disintegrate. Habakkuk list ten things that were rocking his world: wickedness, trouble, devastation, violence, strife, contention, lawlessness, injustice, the dominance of evil and perversion. Is there anything on his list that is not on ours? The LORD told Habakkuk that He was going to use the Chaldeans to bring judgment on Judah. The Chaldeans were bitter, fierce, mean and impetuous. They exalted themselves and they spread fear and terror. No one could stop their advance and they laughed at kings and their armies. They treated kings with contempt, and they destroyed cities with high walls. The LORD told Habakkuk; they will be held guilty.

The Chaldeans, of all things, worshipped power. Power was their god. Does that sound familiar. Washington D.C. is filled with parasitic beaurecrats. Many of them have never had a real job. If you ran all the parasites out of D.C., there would not be enough folks left to turn the lights off and on. They are in love with power. They crave control over others. Everything they do gives them more power over the citizens of this land. If they get digital currency, they will control our spending. Our credit card purchases will have to be approved by some federal beaurecrat and they will decide if our purchase is legitimate, and they will have the power to decline you card. Doing away with cash does not benefit us, it benefits them. We lose another right and they gain another power. This is the end game: more power for them and less freedom for us. I am telling folks, “The Pigs are running the farm.”


If you have not read George Orwell Animal Farm, you need to read it or go to YouTube and watch the movie. Then you will understand the phrase, “The Pigs are running the farm.” VBS begins today and DBC and LORD willing, I am doing tractor rides. I can’t believe it is VBS time. This year is flying by. I hope you have a great Monday and week. I really hope we get some rain.

I have a lot of folks on my prayer list that are really hurting: pray that I will be able to minister grace to them this week. I am overwhelmed by my helplessness and the needs are great.

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