Wise As Serpents


“I am sending you out like sheep surrounded by wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

~Matthew 10:16, NET


Cut the grass low where the snakes will show.

~Source Unknown

I guess I was 13-14 years old and we were on a camping trip at Lucy’s Branch. We found an old boat lying upside down on the beach and we decided to turn it over. We did and then we took a quick jump back, a bed of snakes were under the boat. I don’t remember how many. I didn’t stop to count, nor did I look into their eyes to see if they were poisonous. My brother John always fussed at me for killing snakes. He says, “You kill only the ones that are poisonous.” I say, “Kill them all.” He says he can tell by their eyes and tail if they are poisonous but I’m not getting close enough to look a snake in the eye.

Why would Jesus tell His disciples to be wise or shrewd as snakes? Snakes don’t normally carry a good connotation. In other words, there isn’t much good you can say about a snake. John the Baptist called the Pharisees a brood of vipers; it wasn’t a compliment. If someone refers to you as a snake or snake is the grass, it is not good. BUT as Jesus said, snakes are wise.

Snakes are at a huge disadvantage; they have neither arms, legs, hands or feet. In all your encounters with snakes–who killed who? I am no warrior but I have killed a lot of snakes simply because we humans have a huge advantage. For snakes to survive, they have to stay out of sight; this is why they hide in dark places. The Sadducees are snakes in the grass. In order to survive, they had to stay out of sight. They did not attend the crucifixion of Jesus but they orchestrated the whole thing. The Sadducees were rich and powerful. They were a clandestine group who meet behind close doors plotting evil but they seldom carried out their plans personally: they got someone else to do their dirty work. They are shrewd like snakes; they love anonymity. The fact that they own the media aids their cause. They crucified Trump without taking any blame. I am sure that the Sadducees are the masterminds of cultural marxism. All the founders of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL were Jewish. The Sadducees are not extinct, they are alive and well but they do stay hidden because they are vile creatures whom the world would despise if they knew them. They always use others to accomplish their diabolical goals.


I have a new order of Jeffery Johnson’s book, WHAT EVERY CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE. By the way, if you see the word “social” on anything, beware, it is probably marxism. They love the word…socialism, social justice, social studies, etc. You can read this book in a day. Voddie Baucham’s FAULT LINES is a different matter. I don’t think you can read it in a day. Both are excellent. Both explain what is going on today. Both put the spot light on the snakes. Southern Seminary needs to be cleaned up or shut down.

Today is FRIDAY, I think. I am so far behind, I hope it is not Saturday. Have a great day and weekend. By the way, we will probably have a blog tomorrow and then we are taking off until next Thursday. LORD willing June and I will be leaving Monday morning for Eureka Springs. We are going to see the TABERNACLE and the PASSION PLAY.


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