Wonder Woman


“There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!”

~Proverbs 31:29, NLT


A mother’s love is a fire that burns and is not consumed: it is something inexhaustible.

~Charles Cowman

Brother Calvin Inman loved to use Proverbs 31 on MOTHER’S DAY. I’m not sure if king Lemuel was talking about his mother or his wife but he describes a wonderful woman who has the time, energy and devotion to take care of everyone’s needs and yet not be exhausted. Daddy loved verse 15, “She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household.” He would goad mother about that part of the verse because daddy always cooked breakfast and mother stayed in bed but she would quickly retort with the B part of verse 15 which says, “She also plans the days work for her servants.” She would say, “You get me those servants and I’ll be glad to rise before dawn and fix your breakfast.” I never remember Daddy winning an argument with her.

I was reading STREAMS IN THE DESERT IV yesterday when I saw the incredible statistics some woman had kept and I thought it was interesting. She had been married for thirty years and she had kept a record of everything. She had served 255,425 meals. She had made 33,190 loaves of bread. She had baked 5,930 cakes and 7,960 pies. She had canned 1,550 quarts of fruit, raised 7,660 chickens, churned 5,540 pounds of butter and spent 36,461 hours sweeping and cleaning. This must have happened along time ago because when she estimated the worth of what she had done, it came to $115,485.50. If my math is right, given a $5 tip for each meal would come to $1,277,125.00. If we paid her minimum wage for cleaning, it would come to $264,342.25. Have you bought a cake or pie lately? On today’s market, her pies would have been worth another $120,000.00 and her cakes another $210,000.00. This woman’s work was worth at least two million dollars on today’s market and maybe more.

It leaves me with a two questions and one observation. How did she find the time to document everything she did? How did she keep such accurate statistics and why? Is she going to give someone the bill later? I don’t think Big Mama has keep a record of how many times she has prepared me a meal. She doesn’t just serve me, she serves everyone: children, grand children, in-laws, Cheerful Givers, etc. Where does she get this boundless energy? If she has kept a record, I know nothing about it. I know from the father’s point of view, I have no records.

You heard my questions; now for my observation. What women do in the home is incredible. I’m not talking about the Hillary’s or the Nazi Pelosi’s, they will not be remembers as mothers or home makers; Trouble makers perhaps but not home makers. I am talking about our mothers and our wives who labor day in and day out to keeps things running smoothly. We read Proverbs 31 and marvel at this WONDER WOMAN it describes and we know in our hearts that no woman has that kind of energy and stamina but it is amazing how much they do and I do not know a single one that keeps a record. So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY mothers we appreciate you. For those who were not given the privilege to be mothers biologically, we honor you for being loving Aunts, faithful wives and surrogate parents. Happy WONDER WOMAN day to all homemakers.

I got up a little before six and according to my weather apt it was 37 degrees. I didn’t see any frost but there may have been some in patches. I hope this was our last night of frosty weather. My garden is pathetic.

I’m excited about today: what a privilege it is to preach the gospel of Christ and to get to preach to a great and gracious congregation. I love the little flock that God has entrusted to me. It is a joy to serve the Chief Shepherd and them.

Mothers if you attend GRACE POINT Drive-in worship today you get a free box of Krispy Kreme donuts [fresh] and a cup of coffee. I know, most moms will not eat the donuts; they will give them to the family. We just want the family to know, they wouldn’t be getting the donuts if it were not for MOM!

A Little Ditty For Moms

When God made the stars and the sunshine,

The rain, the flowers and the trees;

He also created MOTHERS,

Because she was like unto these!

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