About Me

I am a native of Limestone County and a graduate of Athens High School, class of 1967. I attended U.C.L.A. [University of Calhoun Located by the Airstrip] and was a member of the undefeated Cross Country Team. I graduated Athens State University with a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy and then attended the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where I graduated in 1974. I served the Salem Springs Baptist Church located in beautiful West Limestone my last two years in college. I ran off with their pianist, after we were married. I served one church in New Orleans and then one in Mississippi during my last year of Seminary. Since Seminary, I have served two churches: the Harris Chapel Baptist Church in Cherokee, Alabama and the Danville Baptist Church is Danville, Alabama.

I have four children and nine grands. I am very conservative. I am pro-life to the core and a believer in the Constitution which the progressives are trying to destroy. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am, most likely, the most politically incorrect preacher you will meet. I don’t publicly endorse candidates but I do denounce tyrants, demagogues and imperialist. I believe George Washington in the most indispensable man in American History. I believe Jimmy Carter is one of the worse presidents in American history, second only to Barrack Insane Obama. I believe Americans are spoiled and ungrateful. We are so indifferent that we have allowed immoral secularist to take control of our class rooms, court rooms and country. They only thing they do not control is our churches and they are working toward that end. I firmly believe that REVIVAL or JESUS is America’s only hope.

Unfortunately, I am an avid Alabama Fan. I stopped watching pro sports but still watch Bama some of the time. I would enjoy fishing if I had the time but I am no hunter. I love to read, study, write, preach and work in the garden. I also love to eat.