Young people, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do. 

~Ecclesiastes 11:9, NLT


Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again [on this earth].


I’ve got to agree with Solomon, it is wonderful to be young. I really miss being able to run and jump. Chloe is about the only GK I have that I can beat one on one in basketball; other than Big L. I played just a little yesterday and had to come home and take Advil. June is getting graduation invitations in the mail every day. She gives them money and we get so many invitations, the amount has to be spread out to fit into our budget. I been thinking about my graduation some 51 years ago and in those days a shirt was the customary gift; I think I might have gotten a $10 bill or two. Now a days, kids get into the thousands. My parents bought me a new wrist watch for graduation and they paid for my class ring: I lost both before the 4th of July. Lost the $30 watch the first month and the ring a few weeks later at the creek. By the way, $30 was a lot of money 51 years ago. It would have bought 150 gallons of gas. If my math is right, that would be $375 which is not a cheap watch. By the way, I do not want to be a graduating senior: I do not want to go back to college or Seminary. I do not want to go back period.

Some believe that Solomon is comparing life to a day with birth as the dawn and death as darkness. This is what the song writers had in mind when they wrote many hymns. For example: William Golden in 1918 wrote a song entitled “The Beautiful Life” but we know it by it’s first line…“Each Day I’ll Do A Golden Deed.” The chorus goes like this...Life’s evening sun is sinking low, A few more days
and I must go.” Beyond the Sunset is another…Beyond the sunset, oh blissful morning, When with our savior, heaven is begun. Earth’s toiling ended, oh glory dawning beyond the sunset when day is done. I am guessing, the idea came from Solomon. Life is like a day. I can’t remember the dawn but I can remember 6:00 a.m. or so. I don’t know exactly where I am at present but it is definitely not in the a.m. nor early evening either. I probably looking at sunset and if not, very near. I will testify to one truth: life passes quickly, like a day. I doubt if any young people read this blog. Most of my readers are probably in the p.m., but if there is one out there; I challenge you to take Solomon’s advice. There are some things you can only do when you are young. If you want to ride a bicycle across America, you better do it the summer you graduate or pretty soon thereafter. Once you get a job and get married; many of your dream adventures will be impractical. I remember Joe David and a group from Danville doing a ball park blitz. They drove hour upon hour and slept in the car. I forget how many ball parks they visited; I want to say every park in the East including Finway and Yankee Stadium. It is a good thing he did that while he was young.

I’m too old to ride a bike across America but I would love to ride the Natchez Trace.

  • Outstanding MOTHER’S DAY for me and I’m not a mother obviously. We did roses for mom at GRACE POINT and it went wonderfully. They couldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did.
  • Pray for Joe David, he preaches at the MBA Pastor’s Conference today. It is a different beast so lift him up.
  • We are so far behind it is pathetic. We need to get the church lawn sprayed, the DIGEST in the mail and my garden is suffering from lack of attention and rain.

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