Sin Is Stupid


Why did you disobey Me and do such a horrible thing? You murdered Uriah the Hittite by having the Ammonites kill him, so you could take his wife.

~2 Samuel 12:9, CEV


There is nothing intelligent about committing sin.


It took me 28 years but I preached through the entire bible and it helped my theology and my understanding of David’s life: then I began reading the modern versions some 20 years ago and I really began seeing David’s warts clearly. David was a great man; one of the most gifted to ever walk this earth and God used him in incredible ways: matter of fact, God is still using David’s Psalms to bless millions. In a way, it is unfair that David’s sins are recorded for the world to see: you and I would not want this distinction would we? I say that to say this: sin can make you feel stupid. I know from my own experience but I had rather talk about David since his sins are recorded and my pointing them out can do him no harm. It does not take a bible scholar to see the change from 2 Samuel 11 and following. David’s life after Bathsheba was never the same.

Nathan told David [at the risk of his life] that his family would never live in peace again because of David’s sin in murdering Uriah and taking his wife. The LORD said to David through Nathan, “What you did was in secret but another man will sleep with your wives and in will be for all Israel to see. You showed Me by your actions that you didn’t care about what I wanted.” Lets do a quick review: the LORD had taken David from tending sheep and made him the king of Israel; he had given him victory in battle; we don’t know how many wives and concubines David had but over twenty sons; David was now wealthy and lived in a palace but that was not enough. Listen folks, what David did was stupid. His roll in the hay cost him a life time of misery. Some would raise a protest: the LORD forgave him of his sins–Yes the LORD spared his miserable life and He did forgive him but He did not spare him from suffering the consequences to his stupid sin. I promise you, David woke up a thousand times haunting by regret. I wonder how many times he said to himself: “What was I thinking?”

I telling you folks: committing sin is stupid. Nothing makes me feel so dumb and foolish as sin. I hate sin; especially mine. Yours may make me feel sorrow for you but my sin makes me feel stupid and I don’t like that feeling.

Sorry about our silence. We had computer problems and I thought I would get it fixed in a couple of days and that is not going to happen. I pecked this one out on an old antique that I use to post, but not to compose. Tonight, I had no choice: it was use this old computer or no blog. In the meantime, WORD PRESS changed everything. I have no idea what this one will look like. They upgraded to BLOCKS which is totally different. So this blog will probably not appear like the old ones.

What an Easter Sunday: the LORD is good. We had 46 for sunrise at GP and probably about 65-70 for our 7:00 AM worship. No joke, by 8:00 AM, we had finished two services. I got to visit my old SS class and was elated to see the room packed. Then I go into the worship center and it was close to capacity. It would have been filled if we could get people to sit up front. You would think that Baptist would leave the back for visitors but it doesn’t work that way. They did have well over 400 at DBC and I enjoyed the band and Joe David’s sermon.

I was told after I got home that I would not see our band together again, that two of our members were moving. Ironically, I talked with one of them after the service. These guys started helping us when they were 8th graders and they have been faithful. I really hate to see them go. I’m glad no one gave me this information before the service.

We did have a lot of visitors and some of my old friends were in attendance: I talked with Sarah Hooper’s son in law Brian before the service. A little while after our service was over, Brian’s parents were in a tragic accident. If I got my facts straight, his mom was killed and his dad in in critical condition. Brian is Traci Holladay’s brother in law. I’ve know Brian and Kim for over 20 years. Let’s remember Brian and his family in our prayers today.

Listen: I didn’t even attempt to proof this thing and I have no idea what it will look like. But this color background in one of the new features.

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