A Hiding Place


“Go to the east and hide by Kerith Brook, near where it enters the Jordan River. Drink from the brook…

~I Kings 17:3-4, NLT


God’s servants must be taught the value of the hidden place. The man who is to take the high place {Pulpit} before men must first take the low place before God.

~F.B. Meyer

Elijah sits at the head of the prophetic table. He is known for his dynamicl power. More than once he called down fire from heaven. What we tend to overlook is that Elijah spent more time in seclusion {shut up with God} than he did in public. As a matter of fact, he made very few public appearances. He earned the reputation of the “Phantom Prophet”, now you see him, now you don’t. Elijah would show up, show out and then disappear. However, he was just as human as you or I and after the death threat from Queen Jezebel, Elijah’s humanity came to the surface. The bold and fearless one became afraid and ran for his life. Although Jezebel wanted to kill him, she was only making a threat. Elijah’s popularity among the Israelites had sky rocketed and Jezebel knew that it would be the politically incorrect thing to take his life so instead of sending a hit man, she simply sent a threatening letter. The devil has always been a play ground bully.

When I read the verses above this morning; my curiosity got the best of me and I immediately researched the word ‘Cherith’ which means ‘cutting’ or ‘separation.’ Elijah needed some time alone with God. He needed a hiding place because Elijah needed to recover his boldness and confidence. Confident people do not run from conflict. Elijah had momentarily lost his courage and he was too weak to withstand the pressure. So the LORD told him to hide for a time. He didn’t tell him to stay hidden because the LORD had more for Elijah to do. I am no Elijah by any stretch of the imagination but I do need to visit my hiding place daily and it is the most delightful part of the day most of the time. We need to get away from the pressure, the impossible expectations that others have for us and just the grind of life. The only temptation in the hiding place is to stay there and not go back into the world. But, the world is our field of service and God is not through with us;  just as He was not through with Elijah. God has more for us to do; so we bow before HIM in order to stand before a lost and hurting world.


God is good and it is good to give Him thanks and praise. Boy the days, weeks and months are flying by. High school football is at the half-way point and it seems like we just started last week. Another busy week; LORD willing, we will be visiting today and tomorrow will be dedicated to Mr. Gaines Burden. His COLS is at two and I would appreciate your prayers. Mrs. Leona also needs are prayers. Jean Smith is in the hospital at Madison with a covid-related sickness. I know Perry and Jean would appreciate our prayers. Also Joyce Dotson had some negative test results and she is waiting for the doctors to make a final diagnosis; so pray for Joyce. Joyce is famous at GP for her teacakes. She is also a very good children’s worker. I did get to visit with Vellene and Whitey {Kellie Sims father} yesterday and both were doing well. Whitey comes to our driven-in service and has not missed a service in over a year. We go back to our normal schedule this Sunday: Sunday school at 9:00, drive-in worship at 9:15 and inside worship at 10:15.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.


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