A Little Bird


Never make light of the king, even in your thoughts. And don’t make fun of the powerful, even in your own bedroom. For a little bird might deliver your message and tell them what you said.

~Ecclesiastes 10:20, NLT


Motherhood has the greatest potential influence in human life.

~Source Unknown 

Growing up wasn’t easy for me and I certainly didn’t make easy for those around me. I had just a touch of stubbornness and had a difficult time with rules and instructions. My Mother literally beat the hades out of me; had it not been for her, I would have probably made it to Capshaw. Not only was I hard-headed, I was also a dare-devil and that got me into a lot of trouble. I was prone to do stupid things and get caught doing them. There were times when I thought my mother had a special line to the FBI and CIA. I have no idea how she gathered her intelligence but she always seemed to know what I was up to or into. Whenever she revealed what I thought was my secret, I would always asked this question: “How did you find out? She always responded with the above scripture, “A little bird told me.” I should have got her list of informants before she was promoted but I didn’t think about it. Knowing her she would not have divulged her sources.

I’ve been listening to MOTHERS DAY sermons this week and thinking a lot about the wisdom of my mother. I remember pretending I was sick to get out of church. Mother came to get me up and I told her I was feeling really bad and didn’t feel up to Sunday School or Preaching. She sympathizes or so it seemed, told me to stay in bed and she would check on me when they she got home from church. When she came up to check on me, I told her I was feeling much better but she didn’t buy it: “No son, you are sick and you go back to bed, I’ll bring you some sour in a little while.” I had to lay in bed and smell the fried chicken and sure enough after everyone else had eaten, she brought the soup. I wanted to go outside and play ball or go to the creek but no, I had to stay in bed all evening. She came up just before Training Union and said, “Do you think you are going to feel like going to church tonight?” I called her hand, “I know what you are doing and I will have to go to school tomorrow,” I said. She looked me square in the eye and said, “Oh no, you will not be going to school or anywhere else. If you are too sick to go to church, you are too sick to go anywhere else.” I knew she meant it and I had a miraculous recovery and we never tried that stunt again.

  • I knew it: they were giving rain for all last week so I transplanted some plants and it works every time, no rain and now I will have to water if they survive. I was hoping we would get a shower last night but didn’t happen. You may not believe, but we need a rain on our garden.
  • Plan to have lunch with Doug, Danny and David today. David is a walking encyclopedia, he knows something about everything. It’s David’s grandson that is a patient at St. Jude’s. I will find out more today.

Ten Things Liberals Hate

  1. Patriotism

  2. Prayer

  3. Free Speech

  4. Fox News

  5. Constitution

  6. Criticizing the “Anointed One” [Obama]

  7. Bible/Truth {same thing}

  8. Guns

  9. Pro-lifer’s

  10. Trump

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