A Lost World, Living In Darkness


“I am the Light of the world. If you follow Me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

~John 8:12, NLT


The only sin that God will not forgive is rejecting Jesus Christ His Son.

~Billy Graham {Wisdom for Each Day, p.236}

My good friend Kip Childers recently did a tour of the West. He visited three states primarily: Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. He encountered a Jewish woman at the hotel restaurant where he was staying. Of course, she was curious about his accent and asked him where he was from. He said, “Alabama.” The sound of that word sent shock waves through her system. She had been led to believe that in Alabama, we persecute Jews. I reckon these poor ignorant Yankee’s believe that we kill a Jew one Saturday and a Black the next. She told Kip, “I would be afraid to come to Alabama.” He laughed and told her there was nothing to fear. Folks, this is how the devil works. He uses a lie to instill fear in people. He is a terrorist by nature. There is no threat to a Jew in Alabama: they are much safer here than in New York City, but we will never convince them that the South is not a bastion for racial hatred and bigotry. This is what they have been taught. These idiots who have gone WOKE are reenforcing this age-old lie.

When you read the Psalms, you see the Jewish mindset. They constantly clamor for justice because they think they have been treated unjustly and they have on occasions, but by whom. Karl Marx was not a gentile. Everyone on the planet will be treated unjustly before their time is up because we live in a fallen world where everyone’s default setting is sin and rebellion. They pray for justice like you and I pray for mercy. Why? Because they do not see their sin. They have no problem seeing our sin, but they do not see their own. Jesus told them the truth and they hated Him. He told them that they were sinners just like the Gentiles, but they rejected Him and did it with malice and hate. How can any race claim to be just that crucifies a perfect man who never harmed a soul. How is it that they do not see their sin? The devil’s fingerprints are all over this situation. He has used lies and fear to enslave them and to blind them. They don’t want to know the truth. The north is just as guilty of oppression as the South, and the Jews are just as oppressive as the Gentiles. In the OT, the record shows that they enslaved each other. You know that I am telling the truth: Jews, blacks or Hispanics have nothing to fear in the South. The South is much safer than the North. Where are the cities with the most crime? These WOKE FOLK are digging up old bones. Slavery is long gone, and the current generation of black folks should be thankful that God used a bad thing to give them something wonderful–America and freedom. The black folks I know are thankful and I have not heard one of them talk about being mistreated or oppressed.

Let me tell you what inspired this blog. I have a burden for the Jews. I pray almost daily for the LORD to open their blind eyes. We need them working with us and not against us. I would love to see thousands, yea millions of Jews turn to Christ, but they have to acknowledge their sin to do so, and to this point; they have stubbornly refused to do so. I am praying they will have a change of heart.


I am very thankful. We had a good rally last night and I don’t know the number of decisions, but I do know that the one I confirmed blessed my heart. I have a hard time understanding and Emma had to tell me three times why she had responded: she was with a friend Marlee who had prayed the sinners prayer. I do believe Marlee was saved and it was a joy to see her face light up. We were forced to change our venue at the last moment. We definitely want to do this event outside the church building but due to Sports on Sunday at one of our high schools, we were forced to change. I like sports but I am sick of putting it before the spiritual needs of our kids. Parents will attend sporting events with their kids and grandkids even if they sit the bench like I did but they do not support YOUTH RALLYS where the gospel is preached. It breaks my heart.

I try not to get worked up, but my heart and mind has been on this Rally for weeks and the last two especially. I hope I can get a little rest this week but we do have some folks who are in need of our prayers. I visited Joyce Chaney yesterday evening and she is low. I don’t know how she has made it this long. Please join me in praying for a peaceful departure for Joyce. She is tired and in a great deal of pain. Would you also lift a prayer for Gregg Holladay. Gregg will be sitting by the phone today waiting for Little Rock to call. Pray for him to get the call so he and Traci can make plans.

Praise to the LORD for the cooler nights: it helps. We observed communion yesterday morning at the POINT and I am telling you, I felt the LORD’s presence and his loving kindness. The praise and worship was stirring. I had to stop singing and weep for a spell. I want to publicly praise and thank the LORD for the manifestation of his presence. My bible study teacher also did a great job. Kip fixed my breakfast and I got more b’day cards. I want to thank my Grace Point family for their love and generosity.

I hope you have a good day and a great week. Thanks for reading the blog.

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