A New Years Resolution


God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully.

~I Peter 4:10, NIrV


Your talents, abilities and spiritual gifts are God’s gift to you. Using these gifts to benefit others is your gift to God.


As we began a new year, what improvements in your character do you want to make?

  • To be more generous
  • To be faithful in attendance
  • To increase your acts of kindness
  • To be more thankful
  • To give up something that your flesh craves
  • To dispose of an idol
  • To pray daily for your pastor
  • To read the bible through in a year
  • To practice a quiet time daily

There is incredible power in the human will: whatever you make up your mind to do, you can do. Daniel made up his mind not to drink liquor and in spite of peer pressure, he refused to drink. No one other than you controls your will. This is a gift so sacred that God Himself will not interfere. I am thinking about a diet but I have not made any commitments but at some point I must. I am giving serious thought to other things; one of them being Alabama football. You think I am kidding but I am not. I was kidding when I said my new years resolution was to stop making fun of liberals. No one believed that one. I do want to be more helpful to others. I desperately want God to get glory from and through my life. I want to faithfully share with others the grace gifts that God has given me. There is no point to living a part from giving. What will you decide to do differently in 2017?

New years has always been a hard time for me. Usually, it is a time of reflection and some regret but the thing that bothers me most is very vain, it is the ticking clock. I am getting old. As a boy in the 50’s I did not dream about 2017. It is incredible to me, unbelievable may be a better word. I started listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC in September and this year for the first time, I got burned out; mainly because they play the same ones over and over but I miss the lights. I drove through Joe David’s street last night on the way to the nursing home and all the lights were gone. I did not get tired of Christmas parties either. In the old days, I worked at least one puzzle every Christmas but I haven’t had time the last 3-4 years. I am excited about semi-retirement. I like my new job. There are some things I will dearly miss about my old job but I am really to press on to the new. I hope YOU have a blessed and prosperous new year.

Elnora {Blondie} Carrol Morris was promoted yesterday morning. I think the service will be tomorrow. Mavis Fitzgerald is very low. I am headed that way in a few moments.

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