A Scattered Army


The next day Saul separated his men into three groups. While it was still dark, they broke into the camp of the Ammonite army. They kept killing the men of Ammon until the hottest time of the day. Those who got away alive were scattered. There weren’t two of them left together anywhere.

~I Samuel 11:11, NIrV


There is greater strenght in UNITY than is numbers.


Saul won his very first battle in a decisive manner but that would be his first and only victory. When Saul defeated the Ammonites, their army got scattered which make Saul’s job easy. A scattered army has no strength and they pose no threat. In the very next chapter, Saul’s plight is reversed. The Philistines are together and Saul’s army fleas in terror. They took one look at the mighty Philistine Army and they ran like rabbits. The Israelites hid in caves, rocks, dry wells,¬†and wherever they can find cover. Saul was left with 600 men and they were trembling in their boots. His army was scattered and terrified.

Israel’s strength was never in numbers. As a general rule, they were always out numbered. Their strength was in the LORD and in their unity. You cannot win a war with a scattered army. The strength of any fighting force is unity. The soilders have to come together, stand together, move together and they must believe in the cause for which they fight. The devil’s strategy has always been to divide and then conquer. What could we¬†accomplish if we were all committed to the same cause and we stood together? We don’t necessarily need more men, we need to stick together with what we have. God will provide the reinforcements if we are faithful to do our job.

One snow flake will not stop a flea but billions sticking together can stop traffic, shut down airports and black out entire cities. There is strength in unity.

This is my first blog from my new complex, a small one room building with a bathroom. It is not complete but we are close. I want to thank June for her help. She even bought me a frig. I have my own drinks, coffee maker, the whole nine yards. All we lack in the lav and some touch up on the painting. We do have some things to do on the outside but those can wait.

We are battling a bad back today and we are preparing momentarily to assist Bro. Steve in Mrs. Minnie Mae Payne’s Celebration of Life Service. We always appreciate your prayers. We continue to ask you to pray for Joe David as he leads. We heard another great sermon yesterday. You can hear those sermons on line by going to our new web page, danvillebaptist.org, click on Pod-Cast.

My spell checker is not working. I am afraid there are some mispelled words above.

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