An Eternal Perspective


 Whom have I in heaven but you? I desire you more than anything on earthMy health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever. 
~Psalm 73:25-26, NLT


It is not possible for a person to see and rely on the eternal while his focus is on the temporal.
~Steven A. Lawson

Psalm 73 is a classic written by Asap who was David’s praise and worship leader. From the tone of the Psalm, it seems that Asap was struggling with doubt and envy. He was doubting the goodness of God and envious of the prosperous. The wicked are not only wealthy, they are popular in this world. People suck up to money: they always have and nothing has changed. It does seem that the wicked fair better in this world than the righteous. The wicked prosper, they seem to have fewer problems; they certainly don’t get persecuted. Even when it comes to dying, it seems that the ungodly depart with ease. How are we to avoid envying the wicked who not only prosper but live as though God does not exist?

The answer in to have the right perspective. We must look into the future, the far distance future. If our focus is on the here and now, we are going to struggle with doubt and envy but if we can see beyond this life and the coming judgment, we will certainly not be envious of the wicked because they have no future. As believers we look beyond death which will change everything. In death, the ungodly lose everything while the followers of Christ gain everything. Death robs them while it endows us. I have wealth, unbelievable wealth but it is not here, it is in the world to come. If there is no heaven, I am a fool. Jacob looked into the future, the distant future and lived accordingly. Esau looked at the present and the things he could see and touch. His earthly perspective lead to his hedonistic ways.

Charles Wesley was a song writer, he wrote more than 7,000 hymns. When Charles lay on his death bed, he quoted Psalm 73:25-26…. Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire other than youMy flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Perhaps you are thinking what I have thought, “I’m not sure my heart is this pure because I still have some earthly desires?” BUT factor this into the equation, you are not on your death bed? These verses mean a lot now but they will mean more when we get to death’s door. We are not going to desire anything here on earth more than Jesus. As he lay dying, Charles Wesley had his wife scribble out this poem based on Psalm 73.
In age and feebleness extreme,
What shall a sinful worm redeem.
Jesus, my only hope thou art,
Strength of my failing flesh and heart.
O could I catch a smile from Thee
And drop into eternity.

Here is another short poem that I like:

The stars may live a million years,
A million years and a day,
But Christ and I will live and love,
When the stars have passed away.

  • God is good. I was scheduled to preach at the Morgan County Baptist Pastor’s conference yesterday morning and I forgot it. I was on my way to town with the gates and watering troughs from the BP and had on a pair of shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and tennis shoes. Ken called my cell phone and said, “Just checking in with you brother, you are preaching for us today. Just wanted to remind you.” He called just in time, I delivered the troughs to Decatur and then stopped by and preached from my phone. It went better than I expected. To God be the glory. I started to do the sermon on Mary Magdalene but had to go to my blog to get there but I never went past the blog. I just preached the blog. There is no telling what I am forgetting today.
  • Steadman found an old bulletin the other day as we were getting ready for the block party. It was June 19, 1994. We had a trio to sing on Sunday night: Summer Fitzgerald, Katie Matthews and Kerri Holladay. My message was entitled, “Was Jesus a Democrat or Republican?” I don’t remember either and would like to hear both. Jimmie Stephenson was the TRUSTEE OF THE WEEK. Cyndi Wydner, Kelli Blankenship, Holly, June and Joshua stayed in the nursery. I think it was FATHERS DAY. Offering for the entire month was around $16,000.00.

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