Anxious Concerns


How long will I store up anxious concerns within me, agony in my mind every day? How long will my enemy dominate me?

~Psalm 13:2, CSB


The Bible may convict you with the truth but it will never comfort you with a lie.


There are a couple of things that all my friends know about me: one, I love reading various translations and I have a passion for the Psalms. I got up this morning and began reading my devotions. The one by Billy Graham convicted me; then I read Chambers and again felt my wretchedness so I turned to Charles Stanley and read his devotion and it too convicted me. I am voicing a silent prayer by this time, “LORD, can I read something that comforts me?” Psalm 13 was my next reading and when I got to verse two, I had to stop and give the LORD thanks for speaking some comfort to my heart. I am currently reading the Psalms in Christian Standard Bible and when I got to verse two, it was as if I had never read it in any translation…How long will I store up anxious concerns within me, agony in my mind every day? How long will my enemy dominate meI think that is all I have been doing lately is storing up anxious concerns. I am not bragging, I am confessing; being the depository for anxious concerns is nothing to boast about. It reveals my lack of faith and my vanity. I guess the thing that comforts me is that David had the same problem.

What is the proper response to our friends and family being sick? I am not talking about a cold or headache; I am talking about life threatening illness. I guess what it boils down to is this: I want to live in a sin free, sorrow free world. I don’t want my peace disturbed. This is why I don’t want to hear bad news. It disturbs me to be disturbed. Sometimes there is a legitimate need for recreation. Recreation comes from a Latin word that means to recover from an illness but since has come to mean “to refresh, restore, make anew, revive, invigorate, or to re-create.” For the first time in a long time, I think I might need some recreation. What is bothering me most: my friends and family suffering or my being disturbed by their suffering? Only the LORD knows the answer.  My response is two-fold: first I want to love Jesus unselfishly. I want to love HIM for who He is and not what He can do for me. Secondly, I want to love my hurting friends and do what is best for them with no thought of Jack. I know what Vellene would tell me and I wouldn’t put this in the blog {if she still read it} out of fear that she would hold me  accountable …she would say, “You are going to have to get over it.” With that in mind, I will not list my anxious concerns but I will say this–it is a long list. Speaking of Vellene: she asks me how everyone was doing yesterday and I told her all that I knew. Then she said, “Don’t you have any good news!” I apologized to her: I said, “I am sorry Vellene, I have done to you what others have done to me. I will try to think of some good news.”


I have cut our yard one time in the last six weeks. I will not have to mow again in July which means one cutting in the entire month. I can’t remember if this has happened before or not. I do have to mow some of the ditches every couple of weeks but most of our yard has stopped growing.

Late on the post this morning: went to garden first thing and then carried Ty to Basketball practice. More bad news of a sort: GO DADDY who is my internet carrier for the blog jacked up their fee. I think they went from $220 a year to $360 and they have already billed my credit card for two years. This means unless I find a cheaper carrier we have only two more years to blog. If I could get my money back, we would have no more blogs. Enjoy the next two years; they may be it. Of course I don’t need to worry about tomorrow; it may not even come.

On the way home from church last night, June was reading the weather forecast from her phone: 40% chance of rain today, 50% tomorrow, 60% the next day, etc. I said, “Do you know what that means?”  She said “no.” I said “absolutely nothing.” They haven’t got a forecast right all summer. They are the only profession I know that gets paid for being wrong all the time. I forgot about politicians; they get paid for being corrupt.

It’s an old one but some of you may not of heard about the Cannibal Restaurant. You could get a preacher steak for $19.99, a car dealer for $49.99 but the political steak was $149.99. After looking at the menu, one customer asks the waiter, how come the politician steak is so high. The waiter without hesitation said, “Have you ever tried to clean one?”

Have a good day!

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  1. You are right the cost of everything is going up, and why because of the Democrats, we’ll have a great day brother Jack, and thank you for visiting mom.

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