Checks And Balances


Then Nathan said to David, “You are that man!”

~2 Samuel 12:7, NLT


Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

~John Edward {Lord} Acton

The Jewish understanding of the Old Testament is very different from that of a gentile like myself. They see and understand things in the scripture that I would miss without their helpful insight. You have heard me say that a MONARCHY would be the very best form of government if you had a good king and by that, I mean a perfectly good king. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfectly good king unless your are making reference the Son of Mary and the Son of God. Israel’s first leader {Moses} was a type of Christ. Moses was prophet, priest and king. After Moses, there was a separation of powers. The sons of Aaron were the priest, the sons of David were the kings and the prophets were totally independent.

Kings were not allowed in the court of the priest. They could not serve as priest or do the work of the priest. The priest were not allowed to be kings. The kings could not function as a priest and the priest could not own land, or obtain wealth. The prophets spoke for God and were beholding to no one. It was a clever division of powers. David got out of line, way out of line. He abused his powers as king and committed two dastardly crimes: he stole another man’s wife and then took part in the man’s death. He committed adultery and murder and got by with it as for as the courts were concerned because he as king was the chief justice. Along came Nathan the prophet and he confronted David. I’m sure David considered removing Nathan’s head, but he didn’t dare because he knew Nathan was telling the truth. This is what prophets do: the proclaim truth no matter who it offends.

Here in these United States, political correctness and the cancel culture have silenced all debate. The voice of truth is being canceled. John the Baptist could have been a priest, but God had other plans. John was the last of the prophets. Herod had arrested John to shut him up. Then to please his witch of a wife, he had John executed. It did mute the voice of John, but this only made the voice of Jesus louder. You can’t stop the truth. The world can lock a prophet up, even execute him but God will raise up another.


God is good. He is gracious, long suffering and filled with loving kindness. I do thank Him for His wondrous grace. June and I are bracing for the cold weather. I think tempts are going to drop and Josie has a soccer game tomorrow night. The first day of daylights saving time was not bad. Of course, I went to bed at 7:30 Saturday night according to Big Mama. My clock said 8:30. I hope they leave it alone this time.

I was overwhelmed last night by the prayer list. I couldn’t get the needs off my mind. We had a good service, but I came home with all those needs on my heart. June got CHOSEN  year three up and running for me, but I couldn’t get my hurting friends off my mind. One of the first things I read this morning was out an old ODB devotional, Psalm 55:2 {NIV}, Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea; hear me and answer me. My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught. The word distraught means to be distracted, distressed, overwhelmed, beside oneself or desperate. Thank God for His wonderful word.

I hope you have a great day and a good week.

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