Childlike Faith


Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; Like a weaned child rests aganist his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.

~Psalm 131:2, NASB


“Hope is never ill when faith is well.”

~John Bunyan

This is a very short Psalm written by David but it is packed with liberating truth. David departed this earth at about my age, a year or two older. He was probably close to my age when he wrote this Psalm because it reveals a kinder, gentler David. In his latter years he mellowed. He put up his big hammer and began relying on the LORD for every need. David had every reason to be proud but this Psalm is a display of humility. David has come to terms with his lot in life and he was resigned to do God’s will. You know my view on David, he had some deep character flaws but aside from his depravity, he was a great man, one of the most outstanding figures in history. He began his life as an humble shepherd, then he became a courageous soldier, then a gifted leader but it does not stop here: he was also a talented musician, a writer of songs, inventor of musical instruments, a renown poet {authored the most famous poem in literature}. In addition to all of the above, he was an outstanding theologian and this Psalm is proof of the pudding.

David uses the metaphor of a weaned child to describe his state of mind. Socrates, the famous Greek philopher, said, “Know thyself,” and David came to terms with his self. He is not acting childish, he is acting childlike, he has fully resigned himself to the will of God and this has brought peace to his soul. Parents, generally speaking, want their children to grow up, by that I mean to mature. There are some exceptions but very few parents want their adult children living with them. It is one thing to move in with your parents to take care of them and it is another to live with them so they can take care of you. Jesus encouraged us to be ‘Childlike’ but no where in scripture are we encouraged to ‘childish’. We are not familiar with David’s metaphor these days but people of my generation were breast fed and weaned. I am thrilled that I have no memory of either. Matthew has some calves right in front of our house that he is weaning from their mothers. A road separated them. The calves stand at the fence and bawl. Likewise a child being weaned is pevish and fretful. They whine a lot but their mother has good intentions, she is forcing them to grow up. Good mothers don’t give into fretting children. In time, the child accepts the will of the mother and is content to stand beside her or sit in her lap for the needed affection but he/she no longer clings to the breast.  In my day, there was a term for the child that would not let go of it’s mother but I will keep that to myself. As the child grows, he/she becomes more independent. David testimony is that of the weaned child. He is quietly accepted God’s will for his life and he is content. He is not fretting over more land, more power or more popularity. His affinity for all these worldly attractions is no more.

Childlike faith produces peace, contentment and hope. Maturing as a son of Adam means independence from family but it is the opposite in the Kingdom of Christ, the more mature we get, the more we are to depend on Him. Maturing is growing in our dependence on Christ. By the way, there are two kinds of Christians: the immature and the maturing–note, I did not say mature. No believer is mature but we are moving in that direction and this is where the hope comes in {Verse 3}...O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and foreverOswald Sanders said, “There is no conceivable situation is which it is not safe to trust God. Put your HOPE in Jesus.


Roy Moore

Since I made one exception, I am going to make two. According to Washington Republicans, the left stream media and the democratic socialist party, Roy Moore is too far right to be a US Senator but no one protested when he went to Viet Nam like Bill Wood, Gary White and many others. It amazes me: why don’t the left protest with conservatives join the military or the local police force. I will tell you why, they want their sorry rearend [being nice] protected. Doug Jones is just another pansy democrat. I doubt that the man was even a Boy Scout. When I googled to find his military experience, I found nothing. Roy Moore is a graduate of West Point. He was a Captain in Viet Nam. The life expectancy of a Captain in Viet Nam was not long. The man put his life on the line for this country. I salute Captian Roy Moore. When I have a choice between some bed wetting sissy democrat and a Captain in the U.S. Army, it is no contest.

  • Having computer problems at the house which explains no extra yesterday. I do the final touches at night, in the house. I use another computer in my office. Hope to get it sorted out soon. Posted early due to computer problems. Some of you may get this on Friday night.
  • I had some time Thursday while waiting to see the Doctor to do a little research on the Roy Moore ordeal. I think the thing with Judge Moore is a fabrication from the left. First of all, it is a 40 year old alligation. This man has ran for public office many times, so why did this woman wait until now. Secondly, why was it leaked to the Washington Post which is an arm of the democratic socialist party. This is what I choose to believe until someone shows me some clear evidence: both democrats and republicans do not want Moore in Washington. I have already heard this with my own ears straight from the horses mouth. They think he is crazy, a lose cannon and they are afraid they cannot control him. Guess what, they are right–they will not control him. I’m not saying that he will make a great senator but he will shake things up. By the way, how many great Senators are already there? Can you think of one. It couldn’t be John not Wayne McCain. Off hand, I can’t name one outstanding Statemen in the entire bunch and then they have the gaul to say, “Moore isn’t fit for the Senate.” What hypocrites. I think he will torment the establishment and I want him in DC. This is a conspiracy folks, plain and simple and it is a bit frightening. The left is trying to Quayle him with propaganda and a label: they are calling him a pedophile and they have no proof. This is character assassination. What did this same group call Clinton who sodomized and intern in the oval office? Where was their outrage then. LIBERALS ARE HYPOCRITES. One republican senator was quoted to have said, “Even if the scandal had not materilized, Moore does not belong here.” I am proud of Robert Aderholt for the first time in my life: he says there is no reason NOT to vote for Judge Moore. We cannot allow the democrats to steal this seat by lying. We have finally gotten all of their dead voters off the polling list; I pray to God that we don’t take a step backwards. This is our choice ALABAMA, not the Washington Post, New York Times or Washington Insiders.
  • What have I been telling for the last 25 years, local TV stations are dupes. WHNT is owed by the Chicago Sun Times, formerly owed by the New York times. They are a big part of the propaganda apparatus. Don’t trust anything they say, it is scripted by their bosses from up North. They are for liquor, killing babies, gambling and practically everything we are against. Stop watching this propaganda. Show them who is boss: vote Moore in spite of there encouraging you not to.
  • Joe David, Lori and myself drove to Music City last night to see Sydni Shelton play volleyball. It was impressive. KSU advanced to the finals this evening at 5:00. You can watch it on TV but you will have to ge the info from Joe David.


Lets do our part to drain the swamp.

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