Choose Life


“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.”

~Deuteronomy 30:19, NASB


“Every abortion is a matter of LIFE and DEATH.”


Since the very first moment those two nice ladies from Decatur explained to me that abortion required the taking of an innocent life, supposedly protected by the sanctuary of the mothers womb, I have been pro-life. I didn’t need to study my bible or pray and fast, I knew immediately and without reservation that ABORTION was immoral and unjust. Some have accused me failure to love women who have the burden and responsibility of motherhood. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love my mother, my wife, my three daughters and my five grand daughters. I loved my daughters and grand daughters when they were in the womb so this is not a gender issue although I am is some respects a male chauvinist pig. I am male and pig for sure. If we go by Webster’s definition, I am also a chauvinist [a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism].

I had lunch yesterday when an old college classmate. He and I were in the infamous class of 71 at ASU, now Athens State University but then Athens College. There were three baptist preachers in that group: Mickey Dalrymple, Larry Bullard and Jack Bailey, along with a dozen Methodist. Mickey got his promotion a few years back and I had not seen or heard from Larry in over 45 years. My sister providentially bumped into Larry a few months back and gave him my number. We had lunch together yesterday and enjoyed reminiscing about old times but we both share the same shock and dismay over what has happened to America in the last 45 years. One of the things we discussed was Hillary and company [Bernie and all the demon-crats} name calling. We were labeled “Angry White Males.” Then the border debate came up and we were labeled “White Nationalist.” Then Hillary in the last election called us a “Basket of Deplorables.” A deplorable is a shameful, dishonorable, disreputable, disgraceful person who deserves condemnation. But we conservative white males who fight the wars, police the streets, pay the majority of the taxes don’t really give a flip what Hillary thinks or Bernie either. Hillary is one mean witch with a B and Bernie is as crazy as a run over dog. He doesn’t have enough sense to pour urine out of a pot, let alone run a country. Bloomberg is a blooming idiot. All the democratic candidates collective IQ is inferior to Trump’s intelligence. The democrats know how to run a business… in the ground: Trump knows how to run a business. They know how to fail, he knows how to succeed and they are jealous.

Then we have these so called Southern Baptist like Russel and Beth “no” Moore who are “Never Trumpers.” What do the never Trumpers have in common with the left? They have no conviction about the right of life for the unborn. They may mention it in passing but they do this only to deceive their followers. Abortion is not a big issue with Beth Moore or any of the never trumpers. You can throw Moore, Greear and most of the reforms [at least those who are into social justice] into the mix–they do not care about saving the unborn. They are engrossed in racial and gender debates. They spend their time apologizing to the LGBTQA in our behalf. They may be southern but they are not Baptist. Baptist are people of the book, the bible and we believe that Romans one and Deuteronomy 30:19 are to be taken seriously. Killing babies is wrong and there should be no debate within the walls of the church. Timothy Keller says there comes a time in our lives when we have to make a choice: are we going to believe God’s word or rely on our own understanding. The world chooses intuition and logic over the word of God, is that what we are going to do? Can I explain everything in the bible? No! The God of the bible is too big to explain. Do I put into practice everything I understand from scripture? No, but I’m working on it.” Everyone has to make a choice: the left makes fun of the bible and I make fun of the left. They call me deplorable, and I call them idiots. They haven’t hurt my feelings and I hope I haven’t hurt theirs. Fat chance, they are hyper-sensitive, especially those who don’t know what or who they are. You can stop kidding yourself: when you go vote, you vote for killing babies or for putting it to an end. I live for the day that the wicked and evil house of abortion comes down to the ground; every single plank.

I don’t think this blog will lead to any conversions but perhaps it will deepen your faith and your resolve. My audience {all six of you} is basically conservative. I intended to tell about carrying my kids to the MARCH FOR LIFE but I got on my soap box.

Some of you don’t like rain, I don’t like 20 degree weather, the rain doesn’t bother me but I do feel your pain, especially those like Seth who have to work in this mess. I am super blessed; I sit in my study and look at the window.

When I found out Franklin Graham was marching today I wanted to go. Then I found out yesterday that the President was marching and I really wanted to go. Joe David found me an airline ticket but it was with a two day lay over in DC. I am by DC the way Jesus was with Jerusalem: I go in and I go out but I don’t want to spend the night there. The entire trip was going to cost me a thousand bucks and I thought that was bad stewardship on my part.

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