Christ Haters


“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.” 

~John 15:18, NASB


Some people in the world are Christ lovers and some are Christ haters but all are fixated on Christ.

~Marilyn Monroe {I kid you not}

We have a lot of naive people who think that everyone in the world should love everyone else and get along like one big happy family. Jesus said in Luke 12:51, “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division.” John 7 sums up the problem as well as any chapter in the bible. Jesus went to Jerusalem to observe the feast of Tabernacles which was one of the happy Jewish holiday celebrations but His presence in the Temple area created a division. Some said, “He is a wonderful man” but others said, “No, He is duping the public.” John 7:43 reads, “So the crowd was divided about HIM.” Jesus predicted Himself that the cross would be a divider of men. He told His disciples, “The world will greatly rejoice over what is going to happen to me {crucifixion}, but you will weep.” Jesus was right, the unbelievers celebrated His death while His followers wept with broken hearts.

Nothing has changed. We observed the LORD’s Supper last Sunday and we showed a short clip of Jesus suffering from the passion of Christ. It was Hillsongs “With All I Am,” and I was moved. I am a witness, the LORD’s presence was manifested in a powerful way. Anytime I read about Jesus death from the gospels or see it reenacted on film, I am moved. Caiaphas and Annas were not moved when they witnessed Jesus agony on the CROSS, but Joseph and Nicodemus were moved to the extend that they found courage to confess Christ publically although both were members of the Sanhedrin. Not much is said about it but this is proof that Jesus even divided the High Court. The entire world is divided over the CROSS. Personally, I love Jesus because of what He did for me on the CROSS but there are millions who hate HIM. Don’t kid yourself, the Trump haters are also Christ haters. Remember what the bible says about folks who claim to be Christians and yet have hate for others…”If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.” These people have a right to dislike Trump but the professing Christians who dislike him should be praying for him. I did not like Obama but I did pray for him. I will confess that I did so only because God convicted me to do so but I did pray for the man. Of course, I prayed that he would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. No person who advocates and promotes abortion is a true believer, I don’t care what they profess and Obama was pro-abort.

I confess, I do make fun of liberals but Jesus made fun of the Pharisees. Hey, people make fun of me all the time but that doesn’t mean they hate me and I sure don’t hate them. These Trump haters have venom in their veins and that is not good. Just be reminded that the world has no use for Jesus; they hate HIM and all that He stands for. It also amazes me that practically every Christ hating group in America was founded by a Jew. You would think they would learn but they don’t. Most of these rich lawyers that are going after Trump are Jews or else backed by Jewish money. I’m not saying that the Jews are the only problem but I am saying that they are passionate Christ haters among them. Who owns the media and Hollywood? You think about it. It is getting so bad that TV has almost become unwatchable. Do I sound like a conspiracy theorist? Yes, because it is a conspiracy: Check out the second Psalm. Now, Lebron the thug, says that neither of the NBA finalist will go to the WHITE HOUSE. You broke my heart Lebron. I was so in hopes that the thugs who make up the NBA would visit our president, NOT! It would be sacriledge for these flag hating Obama worshippers to descreate the the place where Ronald Reagan lived for eight glorious years. I will tell you Lebron’s problem, he is eat up with ignorance. Matter of fact, I don’t know one intelligent person who worships Obama.

  • We have volcanoes erupting in Guatemala and Hawaii. We have several fatalities in Guatemala.
  • Man, you can beat this weather with a stick. I couldn’t order better weather. The first two days of VBS have been perfect. The kids are loving the tractor rides. I want to thank Keith and Judy for the use of the John Deere. I do love that tractor. If you like the church yard: you can thank Keith and Judy for that–it was their little John Deere that did it.
  • Sorry, I thought sure I hit the PUBLISH button last night and Big Mama who knew all day long that there was post waited until 6:00 in the evening to tell me.





Somebody really wants Mandy to have pink hair. They can color mine pink if they want to but I will shave my head before Sunday. That doesn’t mean I am a poor loser, it means I am not wearing pink hair. We hadn’t lost yet but I smell a conspiracy. I just telling you, if you want to see my hair pink, you better be their Friday because I will go from there to Lara’s. By the way, why was this planned without my presence?

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