I have learned to be content in any circumstance.

~Philippians 4:11, NET


Contentment is not a natural gift, it is a discipline that is learned.


In our natural state we are very discontent but as we age, we learn to be content with what we have. If the apostle Paul had to learn contentment, we should not be shocked that we also must learn this discipline. How did the great apostle learn the discipline of contentment? Through beatings, struggles, imprisonments, shipwrecks and snake bites. He too had his own personal struggles with fear, doubt, sin and discouragement. He learned, as I have learned, that this world cannot give you contentment: as a matter of fact, it will do the opposite.

Now that I am old, I watch young people struggle; buying things they cannot afford, building houses they don’t really need, working frantically to keep up with the Jones. The wise thing to do is look at what is happening to the Jones. Don’t misunderstand, you do not have to be poor to be discontent; once you are consumed by the greed bug, no amount of wealth will make you content. Contentment is learned not earned. God has given us the freedom and power to respond or to react. You can choose to be content, or at least to learn the discipline or you can live your life reacting to the Jones.

If you are my age, you probably understand what I am saying; if you are much younger, you are probably thinking Bro. Jack is jealous and this blog is sour grapes. That is exactly what I thought when I was your age. The bigger the swing set, the more bolts and nuts there are to keep tight. Some people pay more in interest than they give to church. It’s bad stewardship and it comes from trying to satisfy your wants instead of trusting God to meet your needs. There is a better way to live, if living is your goal.

Finally, after three days, Holly got my internet working. She had to reset the settings on my computer. It was a gift so I can’t complain but I had rather have a dell or something simple. I can download pictures and the blogs get changed overnight with these weird boxes like you see below and it makes everything difficult. Josie tries to help me but she doesn’t know how to upload pictures to the blog either. I do a lot of study and research on line and all my sermons are online so I can use my I-pad. When I lose connection, it upsets my apple cart, a little play on words there. Got some decisions to make today and praying for wisdom.

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