Deplorable Racist



God looks down from heaven on all people. He wants to see if there are any who understand. He wants to see if there are any who trust in God. All of them have turned away. They have all become evil. No one does anything good, no one at all.
~Psalms 53:2-3, NIRV


The depravity of man is the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.

~Malcolm Muggeridge


Hillary Clinton said several weeks ago that half of the Trump supporters were deplorable. According to Queen Hillary, we are racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic. Liberals are also accusing us of being misogynistic {women haters}. I don’t hate women. Anyone who knows me understands my affection for women. I love my mother dearly and I have four sisters who I love. I also have a wife, three daughters and five precious granddaughters. I don’t think any of them view me as a woman hater. I do believe in the biblical role of a woman which is why I don’t believe in women pastors. Neither do I believe that all men [humans] are equal. Actually, I believe that women are superior in many ways but that is not the problem, God created the man first and he is to be the head of the household. It is called order and authority and it has nothing to do with who is the strongest or the most intelligent. 

To be honest, I am guilty of everything on their list except hating women. I am a racist to some degree. I do have a bias but it is not always based on the color of a man’s skin. I have great respect for Allen West and Ben Carson and they are both black but they are also conservatives and highly intelligent. They deplore the welfare state as much as I do because it has enslaved many black people. It is the progressives way of buying votes and it works, most black people voted for Hillary. Liberals don’t want to hear the truth which is: all men are depraved sinners who are prone to evil, all men are insecure, all men have some degree of prejudice and all our bias. Who did Obama show favoritism to during these past eight years? Did he not favor Muslims over Christians; did he not favor Blacks over Whites? His bias was obvious to me.

Liberals are hypocrites. They speak as though they have no bias. I learned a long time ago not to argue with the bible. The bible states objective truth and all the subjective feelings and opinions in the world are not going to change the absolute truths revealed in God’s word. All have sinned, all are insecure, which means we have things we fear. Liberals suffer from trumpaphobia. The difference between me and them is that I am honest about my fears: I fear the destructive power of homosexuality and Islam. Both are capable of destroying this country. These fears are based on my convictions. My convictions are based on God’s word. I fear God and what He will allow to happen to a nation that kills babies for the sake of convenience. That is one fear that liberals don’t have, they do not fear God.


  • June and I went to a GK’s basketball game last night and it was hot. I wore a vest and almost burned up. A warm night in November, are you kidding me!
  • According to the 15 day forecast, we have some chance of rain 5 out of the next 8 days. Keep praying!
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Natchez Trace Bridge near Franklin, TN. 2nd largest Arch Bridge in the World.
Natchez Trace Bridge near Franklin, TN. 2nd largest Arch Bridge in the World.

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