Deprived Of Glory


For all alike have sinned and are deprived of the divine glory.

~Romans 3:23, REB


Man was created a little lower than the angels and he has been getting a little lower ever since.

~Phyllis Diller

I enjoy reading new versions of the bible and I am currently reading the Revised English Bible. It does use English words that I am not familiar with but it also gives me insights that I’ve not had before. Take Romans 3:23 for example; I understand that we humans come exceedingly short of the perfection we see in Christ but I had never thought about our deprivation of glory. The fact that we are deprived does not eliminate the temptation to get glory for ourselves; it makes the temptation greater. Man, by nature, is a glory seeker. We crave glory. Cain, son of Adam, was deprived of glory but fully convinced that he could glory in his work and worship, he presented the fruit of his own labor and avoided a vicarious sacrifice. He was the first of many who have been determined to get glory by avoiding Jesus, the Sacrifice for all sins.

Adam had to be their teacher: how else did Abel know how to please the LORD. I believe his father told him about the first sacrifice which took place in the garden. I believe is was a lamb, the bible does not say, but I fully believe it was a little innocent lamb which died because of Adam’s sin. This was a picture of our coming salvation in Christ the LAMB of God. Why do men avoid Jesus? They want the glory. Paul made in clear in Romans 3 that no human can be justified by the works of the law, by any code of conduct and yet men cling to morality and religion and reject Jesus. Religion is man’s way of relating to God by his own achievement. Every religion is this world has got you doing something to be saved and doing something to stay saved. One way or the other, the emphasis is on our performance and we get the glory.

Well it just doesn’t work that way: Salvation is by grace and it is what God does for us not what we do for Him. God designed our salvation this way because He wants His Son, His only begotten sinless Son to get all the glory. The only way to please God is to live by faith trusting in the blood and the Spirit of Christ. A Spirit-filled person walks by faith and is energized by the Holy Spirit. It is Christ in us that is our only hope of glory. The moment we become proud and walk in the flesh, we fail to please God and certainly will not share His glory. God has it fixed and there is no way the system can be abused: We either do it right and give Him the glory or we do it wrong and seek glory for ourselves. Cain and Abel represent all mankind: we either please God with our Sacrifice or we don’t. You see the big S on sacrifice; JESUS is the only sacrifice God will except.

Labor day was not that long ago and Ryder’s football season {Regular season} ended last night. Big L and the high school time are playing their 6th game tonight. It is amazing how quickly football season goes. Snowing in the Rookies and 64 degrees in Chicago yesterday. We are going to get some stew weather one of these days. Thank God for the shower on Wednesday: our turnips grew three inches over night.

Continue to pray for all those being treated for cancer: it is a long list. They have been on my heart today. PTL, heaven is cancer free.

I’ve put a team in Lori’s DHS softball golf tournament: I don’t care much for playing golf. I do enjoy watching it on TV. I’m along for the ride and the fellowship. My team is anchored by Don Widner and my heavy hitters are Scottie Hogan and Dusty MacLemore.

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