Divine Protection



Be on your guard. Your enemy the devil is like a roaring lion. He prowls around looking for someone to chew up and swallow.

~1 Peter 5:8, NIRV


We are safe, not because of the absence of danger but because of the presence of God.

~Image Quotes


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we are under divine protection and I am not referring to physical life alone, I’m talking total annihilation. The devil is a jealous creature filled with rage. He hates mankind in general but Jesus specifically and he loathes those of us who worship and adore Jesus. He wants us to worship him but we aren’t going to and that burns him up. He has the temperament of an angry lion on the prowl for some helpless prey.

bro. jack marc crowThe good news is that he is on a leash. He has some freedom but not absolute. He is limited in what he can do. If he could, he would destroy us all in a heartbeat but he can’t. He is mighty but he is not almighty. Years ago, M.D. Prater keep a bull dog chained to a tree. The bull dog kept the ground around the tree bare. It was easy to tell how far his leash allowed him to travel. One night, just about dark, I pulled in and started for M.D.’s back door and I forgot about the bulldog. M.D. had it fixed so that he could not reach the side walk but I had forgotten that the angry creature was there. I am walking up the sidewalk and all of a sudden I hear a ferocious growl and as I turned the dog had already gone airborne headed for my jugular. His teeth are inches away from my neck. My heart skipped several beats but just before he bit into my neck, he ran out of chain and it jerked that sucker back as if he had hit a block wall. He hit the ground hard. As soon as I gained my composure, I chuckled. After my visit, I took a different route to my car. I was not afraid of the dog but only because of the chain. The devil is on a chain and we need to be thankful.


  • Great music at the GATHERING last night.
  • My sister Joy and her husband Tony Ray Brewer have been married 49 years today.
  • Three more Baptisms planned for Sunday plus Business Meeting after morning worship.
  • Do Deacons meeting Sunday.
  • June and I are making a run to SAMS to get church supplies, we are out of practically everything.
Wall Paper by Thomas Kinkade
Wall Paper by Thomas Kinkade

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