Everyone Has A Worldview


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

~Genesis 1:1, NIV


Presently, the Western world is engaged in a huge confrontation between competing worldviews.

~O.S. Hawkings

We all know that there is a huge conflict between the Christian worldview and that of Islam but that is East against West. On our side of the world the conflict and the confrontation that Hawkins is referring to is between Christianity and Communism or Marxism. If you thought the collapse of the Soviet Union meant the end of Communism, you were wrong. Many of us were shocked this past week when Marxist rhetoric appeared in Resolution IX of the Southern Baptist Convention. Critical Race Theory and intersectionality {a new word invented by the left} are mentioned as a form of analysis. It sounds like they are saying the church should consider using these Marxist Technics in analyzing and mapping strategies for reaching people. The resolution has created a controversy, something we did not need with a lost world looking on. Now Mohler is saying the resolution was misstated or not stated clearly. The original resolution {before editing} states clearly that he church should have no part in these Marxist ideas. In Mohler’s weekly podcast, he made a comparison between the CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW and the MARXIST WORLD VIEW. I think it is very interesting.

The Christian worldview is that the BIBLE is the infallible word of God who CREATED THE WORLD. We believe in ORIGINAL SIN: that when Adam and Eve disobeyed, all men became sinners. We believe that the only REDEMPTION from sin’s power and penalty is the blood of Jesus Christ and our motivation for sharing Christ or living for Him is LOVE. Marx replaced SCRIPTURE with the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. He replaced CREATION with MATERIALISM. He replaced ORIGINAL SIN with OPPRESSION {sin is not the problem, it is oppression}. He replaced REDEMPTION with REVOLUTION. Finally for motivation, he replaced LOVE with HATE or rage. Now here is a question for your consideration: what has happened to America since 1960? We took the BIBLE out of public schools and removed it from the public square. We began teaching EVOLUTION and mocking CREATION. We STOPPED CALLING SIN A SIN and moved into CIVIL RIGHTS {emphasis on oppression rather than our sin}. Now instead of people talking about REVIVAL, we are talking about REVOLUTION. What drove CIVIL RIGHTS, what is driving the anti-Trump group today? Pure rage which is an R word for hate. Now can you honestly tell me, the Marxism has had no influence on America.

What does Hillary and Obama have in common: both are Marxist. I do not know why but rich Jews lean toward Marxism. Marx himself was a Jew. They are behind and profit from practically all trade unions and all civil rights groups. A Southern redneck with a confederate flag the size of Texas in the back of his truck cannot hold a candle to a Jewish Sadducee when it comes to racism. Remember, I am not talking about all Jews, I am talking about those like Soros and Bloomburg, those who are filthy rich and have the same MO as the Sadducees.

I am not antisemitic, I am anti-sadducee. I don’t think we will ever get the gospel to the world without the help of the Jews. I pray for the State of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem all the time.

We are bone dry at 1120 Iron Man. We need a rain. I have not mowed the lawn/yard in 17 days and it doesn’t need cutting now. I would be blowing dust. Well, today is a big day for Billy. I hope she and Tyler have a great life and a house full of kids. Then next week we have VBS at GRACE POINT. I will be doing some celebrating come June 26 {I hope}.

Please pray for LILLY GRAHAM. They had to stop her chemo. Lately, it has been one disappointment after another: please pray.

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