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On one of these stones engrave the names of Israel’s first six sons… And do the same with his remaining six sons on the other stone. In this way Aaron will always carry the names of the tribes of Israel when he enters the holy place, and I will never forget my people.

~Exodus 28:9-12, CEV


Without continuous and zealous love for Christ, everything we do as a church means nothing.

~Jimmy Draper

The High Priest Aaron wore an elaborate outfit. I would love to see the very outfit he wore. I didn’t say I would like to wear it, just see it. Everything about it is fascinating but I really like the vest and the breast plate. The vest had shoulder straps or pads because it supported the breast plate. On both the shoulder pads and the breast plate the children of Israel were inscribed in precious stones. Whenever Aaron went into the Holy of Holies, he had the Israelites on his shoulder and his heart.In this way Aaron will have the names of the twelve tribes of Israel written on his heart each time he enters the holy place, and I will never forget my people [Exodus 28:29]. Exodus contains a lot of minute details but everything about the High Priest attire, the Tabernacle and the furnishings speak of Jesus. When Jesus goes before the Father, our names are inscribed on His heart. Everything in the O.T. Tabernacle and order of worship points to Jesus.

As I was reading this passage; I began to think about Jesus earthly sojourn. He never wore the attire of the priest. He never entered the Holy Place or the Holy of Holies. In Exodus 28:40, the bible says, “Since Aaron’s sons are priest, they should look dignified.” I suppose this is where the old timers get the idea that a preacher is suppose to wear a suit and tie. There is a flaw in their thinking. Jesus nor John the Baptist wore expensive closes. When Jesus was talking about John, He said, When you went to see John, what did you go out to see? A man dressed in fine clothes? No, those who wear expensive clothes and indulge in luxury are in palaces. I was eating in a home during a revival meeting some 45 years ago and my evangelist began talking about a man whom I admired from a distance. Bro. Inman gave me his cassette tapes on evangelism and they were both helpful and inspiring. So I said, “You think I could get him to do a revival?” He curtly said, “No, he would not be seen with you.” I was a little taken back and so I said, “What do you mean by that statement.” He said, “He would not work with a preacher who dresses like you do. He demands that preachers wear a suit and tie.” I said, “So this man would not work with Jesus or John Baptist, would it?” He stopped eating and looked up, “I’ve never thought about it that way,” he said, “I suppose you are right, he would not work with Jesus or John the Baptist.” I made no attempt to get the man: I don’t want to work with any preacher who wouldn’t work with Jesus.

So what is the point? The details in the O.T. are there for a reason but Jesus incarnated the details and has freed me from their obligation, besides, I am more of a prophet than a priest. Jesus did not wear the High Priest garb but He had the Spirit of a High Priest and He fulfilled every detail of the laws intent. I attended a revival meeting 30 years ago and the evangelist tie cost more than my entire outfit. There is no way under heaven I am going to give $150 for a tie. You can get them at a thrift store for a dollar. Let me ask you a soul searching question: what would please Jesus more, me wearing a dollar tie and giving $149 to missions or St. Jude’s or me wearing a $150 silk tie that a million worms gave their life for and giving nothing to missions. I already know the correct answer, I just wanted you to consider the thought. You can wear a $1500 dollar suit and a $150 tie but if you are not doing it for Jesus; out of love and devotion to Him–you are just another Pharisee. I’m sorry folks but it is what it is, whether you like it or not.

Well bless God and hallelujah and let’s throw in a praise the LORD. I want be climbing ladders and cutting metal today. I’m going to my lung doctor and normally, I would complain but I’m just thrilled to be through with the barn; although I do like the trim. Climbing up and down ladders causes me to have leg cramps. I drank three propels and eat two spoons of mustard and took an extra potassium pill. Young folks, I have bad  news for you: cramps get worse with age. I get them in my fingers and toes.

Joe David called me yesterday and told me that Joyce Chaney is in the Hospital at Moulton and Curly Turrentine is at Decatur General. Our good friend Bob Ash passed away Wednesday. Bob and I go a long way back. Joe, myself and Hugh put a roof on his office building in Huntsville back in the 80’s. June attended nursing school with his wife who happens to be the mother of the one and only Jeremiah Jones, who is the Dean of Decatur Heritage. My Doctor’s appointment did not come at a good time but June has already rescheduled once. I will not be able to attend Bob’s service and I’m not sure about Mrs. Hill who is John and Jarod Tanner’s grandmother. She was a good woman. My sympathy and regards to both families.

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