Finish Strong


Do not cast me off in the time of old age; do not forsake me when my strength is spent

~Psalm 71:9, NRSV


If would be a good thing if young people were wise and old folks were strong; but God had other ideas.

~Martin Luther

Age is not an excuse to quit on God: Noah was almost 500 when he started building the Ark; Abraham was 100 when Issac was born; Moses was 80 when he surrendered to the ministry; Caleb was 85 when he conquered the hill country of Judah and John was 90 when he wrote the Revelation. Age brings some advantages: we have more history to look back on. As I look back over almost 50 years of ministry, I can testify with bold confidence that God is faithful. The longer I live, the more righteous He becomes and the more sinful I become. Like the author of this Psalm {perhaps a praise and worship leader} I can boast about the righteousness of God. I don’t profess to be the greatest witness but one thing I do, I point to the righteousness of Christ and I am honest about myself; well, as honest as I can afford to be.

BLOCK PARTY week has reminded me of my age. I’ve done less this year than ever before and yet I come home just as tired. June asked me last night, “What all did you do?” I said, “basically nothing.” She said, “You don’t walk like you did nothing.” Just three years ago, I would take Lance to school on the basket ball goal behind the church. I walked by last night and saw him playing and I realized I will not beat him again. I have the size but I don’t have the stamina. I might stay with him for a couple of baskets but he would wear me down and beat me like a red headed step child. Even when I am playing against Ty, I have a hard time with my breathing. We’ve been doing these block parties for almost 20 years and we all aged but some of us more than others. When I read verse 9 yesterday morning– Do not cast me off in the time of old age; do not forsake me when my strength is spentI chuckled to myself, most of my strength has been spent. On the other hand, I am having the time of my life.

  • I do enjoy seeing our church come together for the BLOCK PARTY and the GRACE BARN this year is absolutely unbelievable. Susan is grooming Sydney to take her place. Sydney may be a little like Big Mama: she may lay down some rules. All kidding aside, it is a beautiful sight. I think things have gone smoother this year than ever before: probably because Mandy has been my boss instead of the other way around.
  • We do know it will rain, we just don’t know what time. June heard a report last night that said no rain for today.  Rain or shine the PARTY is on! The burgers are in the freezer and the cokes on ice, and all our rowdy friends are coming over tonight.
  • Jay called last night: someone has hacked my Facebook account and are pretending to be me. I have not done a friend request in months, matter of fact, I can’t log on because I forgot my password, so if you get a friend request from Jack Bailey, don’t respond. The turkey is using my picture and he is targeting women. I don’t know why he did hack Jason’s account. I would like to know what kind of response he is getting. Just kidding.

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