Generational Curses


But suppose this evil man has a son who sees his father do these [evil] things and he refuses to act like him.

~Ezekiel 18:14, CEV


You can be the one to break any or every generational curse.


My daddy had a short fuse but according to my mother, he did not inherent this trait from his father. Unfortunately, I am a lot like my daddy. We call these things the generational curse, bad traits that are handed down from one generation to the next. It doesn’t have to be this way: we can all be change agents and break the curse; with the LORD’s help of course. Abraham was a noble man most of the time but when he was afraid, he would resort to deception. Abraham misrepresented the truth about his wife Sarah, not once but twice. Issac came along and did the same thing and then along came Jacob who put them all in the shade. He deceived his own father and brother. Jacob was a con artist who always managed to end up with the big end of the stick. We are talking three generations of deception with it getting worse rather than better. Then along came Joseph who could not tell a lie. He was honest as the day was long. He broke the curse. He saw the ill effects of deception and he wanted no part of it.

I see kids who were partially raised [some raised themselves] by divorced parents; then they marry and divorce just like that parents. You see the same with drugs and alcohol. You would think that a child raised by a pill head would avoid that pitfall but I’m afraid that is not happening. I have been in the ministry for 50 years and I am telling you, we are in a drug epidemic. The pain, the brokenness and hurt is everywhere. I even wonder if the bazaar behavior is not connected to the drug abuse and the parental abuse and neglect that comes from the drugs. I’m telling you, we have a generation of messed up young folks. Why would a beautiful young woman be looking for sexual love from another female who dresses and acts like a male. If they want someone who looks like a man and acts like a man, why not just get a man? It doesn’t make sense. We need a generations of Josephs, change agents.

I had to leave early to prepare for Sunday but by all accounts the BLOCK PARTY went great with an estimated 2,000 in attendance. We have 300 plus workers. When you look at it from the DBC angle, it was an incredible week. The Block Party invigorates the church. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Much appreciation for the prayers over the weekend: I appreciate them and God heard you; THANK YOU! Now pray that I don’t have another Saturday like last. My old friend Marcus Erwin Crowe passed away last Tuesday and his service was Saturday. I witnessed a lot of grief and sorrow Saturday.

I have to go to court house today for jury duty. I hope they send me home for being too old or bias.

We had 37 to show up at Brewer for the FIRST PRIORITY prayer walk. That a little more than half our morning crowd. I was very pleased.

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